Morning Exercise.

    I step outside into the cold, frigid morning air. I take a deep breath and bend over. My back is stiff and I can barely touch the ground. I hang there for a few moments in time. The cold air rushes to my brain causing what tastes like a metallic tang to settle into my mouth. I remember certain glimpses from dreams I had the night before. I then slowly rise back up, one vertabre at a time.

There is a slight weeze in my lungs, a constant reminder of the city in which I live. I try to cough out the pollution but it is ineffective. I then raise my hands above my lethargic head and breathe deeply into my chest cavity. There is a tightness that is slightly loosened the deeper I breathe. I think about what I am going to do with my day and then try to focus on my breath. The dark sky is still covered in morning fog. I can feel my heart beating rapidly in my chest so I lower my arms.

I then take several full breaths of morning air up into the deepest corners of my nasal passages. With each inhalation I repeat a particular affirmation: “beautiful birdies in a tree” or “loving the free heart of a cat.” A bird causes a branch from a tree to fall near me. i remain undisturbed and keep inhaling and exhaling, slowly and with a calm rhythm. This is how we train our minds how to be still. Clam, slow breathing….but I still find myself thinking about what I am going to have for breakfast. I then bend back over and repeat the whole process three more times.

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