My eyes opened at close to eleven a.m. this morning. All is a fog. Foggy windows, foggy mind. I have alway been a late waker but I have noticed that my sleep schedules have become more imbalanced. I have been thinking about how imbalance as a state I am stuck in. How does this state affect my physiological and psychological health? Is it true that the human organism is a well ordered system that needs pattern and regularity in order to thrive? Am I out-of-order?

Coherence is a state of being where all action is maximized and little energy is wasted. When one is existing in a coherent state they experience little stress and maximized health and vitality. Incoherence can be refered to as a state where the majority of ones energy is spent on simply maintaining the highly damaging reactions to stress. Incoherence takes a large toll on the body and mind usually leading to eventual disease and or chronic anxiety.

Creating a coherent state of being requires mindfulness and discipline. These are two virtues that I am trying to cultivate but I find it very difficult to do so because I have become habitual in my lazy and incoherent ways. Staying up late, falling into negative thinking and sleeping in because it is comfortable, have all lead me down a path of chronic anxiety and depression. The key to getting back on path is cultivating coherence. Meditation, positive affirmations, exercise, spiritual practice and living honestly are tools to help one come closer to living in a coherent state of being. The end result I am told by my acupuncturist…is a consistent state of well-being and longevity. Be patient and give it time, she said. So I will.

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