A Meditation On The Art Of Blogging

“To be is to be perceived.”George Berkeley (1685-1753)

The blog has no beginning and no end. It occupies a gray, formless limbo into which the hero passes at death. The place is probably the inside of his/her distant skull where he/she is bound in time and words.

The “I” that writes is a voice inescapably perceiving its own continuance, the voice of the creature who has been concealed behind and spoken through a computer. He/she slips into the blog with the hopes of learning something about his/her self.

Words are supposed to imprison the infinite, the solution has never been more desperately needed, it has never seemed more impossible. What emerges from this “I” attempt is fragments: chips of meaning, short descriptions, changes of direction, stories rapidly abandoned, all vomited out into a whole that defies the restraining techniques of criticism.

The blog views man/woman and the word as valueless- a zero.

At one point the blogger compares himself/herself to Prometheus- in whose exile he/she notices certain similarities. But the blogger insists that “between me and the miscreant who mocked the Gods, invented fire, denatured clay, and domesticated the horse, in a word obliged humanity, I trust there is nothing in common between us.” Blogging like knowledge, is only a way of multiplying the zeros.

The blogger believes that time is circular, without beginning or end but with repetitions continued into eternity, and each revolution of a blog entry separates one cycle from another. Thus it is conceivable that he/she should exist, excluded from the infinite, within eternity itself.

The blogger dissociates him/herself from him/herself by creating blog entries resulting in a culmination which is an attempt to eliminate everything that is superfluous to the self. The blogger is a “tiny blur in the depths of a computer screen,” pure existence which lacks an authentic relationship. Being looked at is fundamental to human relationships. When looked at we become an object that is definitely located within space and time. “I” exist though unknowable to myself because the other perceives me. Therefore since the blogger can not be perceived he/she suffers the subjective isolation (perpetual dissatisfaction)/freedom- which is the art of being “inconceivable.”


  1. This is an incredible post, I love your sentiments on blogging, I myself am currently working on a thesis that is trying to define the literary merit of blogging, looking at blogs like yours is fundamental to my research and this post is beautifully elegant in its description of the blogger as an artist and the blog as a work of art.

    As a new member to the blog world and one who continually finds a new world of art thank you.

    Please check out my blog at,


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I was reading Samuel Beckett’s “The Unamable,” last evening and suddenly I was able to perceive what this bloging revolution could mean at a deeper level of subjective/artistic experience. Beckett talks about something called “the foetal urge-” to be seen and heard when what we are is a tiny blur in the depths of existence. The continual struggle of the artist/blogger is to be seen…which is difficult -since we are inconceivable!! We are existing and non-existant all at the same time. “Being and Nothingness.” This could be the greatest form of freedom!!

  3. Without disagreement our world would become stagnant and our minds like jelly. Please, I am curious to hear your perspective!!

  4. I’ve never read “The Unamable” I’ll have to pick it up. And I like the idea of being both without really being either, it reminds me of Schrödinger’s Cat. The little creature that was simultaneously dead and alive in its little box. It only finally took one form once it was observed. But until that ultimate act of obstruction by us, it was living and it was dead.

    I am curious about which half, as well with we all always agreed, I don’t think blogs would exist.

  5. Yes, our thinking is what creates reality. Without our thought is there a world? Karl Marx says that society is what creates behavior….but without thought which half exists?

    Thank you for your comment and the free food for thought!

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