A New Years Scare.

This year for New Years Eve I sat at home sucking on cherry flavored cough drops, sipping red wine and keeping my feet raise above my head so that the hardened mucos in my sinus passages would run. I lit a fire which would only remain alive for under an hour because of a strange unwillingness to go into the new year with all its heat (I later learned that the wood was soggy). Some time during the evening I took a bath which turned cold quicker than I had remebered it doing so before and I watched the stars in the sky mutate into shapes and images that seemed to be revealing themselves to me in code.

How long can a grown man rest with his long legs raised above his head with a glass of red wine in his hands? Where there is a will there is a way. I was determined to loosen-up the up-tight mucus lodged deep in my head. I had a need for clarity before the old year became the new one.

I took off my socks and took many deep breaths. I swallowed various Golden Gan Ling Formula Chinese herbs and continued to suck on cherry cough drops. I ate a few Fig Newmans and decided to cut my finger nials which seemed to grow quicker than mold. My imagination was restless and I decided to dress my restlessness with mental pictures of optimistic revelations. I worried myself into drinking too much.

The wine bottle was empty and my feet still raised high above my head. I was unwilling to sleep but with the cough drop still in my mouth, and a wine glass with a pinch of red wine still fermenting- I was having difficulty maintaining open eyes. The new year was still a few hours yet away, and I seemed to be already at the end of my day. Sleep had the upper hand. I chased the cat from the room, took a deep breath filled with the smoke smoldering limp log and released my feet to the ground as my consciousness went away until this year.

The End.


  1. This skipped and made me smile a little with your frustration (if that’s alright 🙂 ) … some wonderful phrases that quite literally were poetic.

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