On Radiohead.

I normally abstain from doing any kind of review on this blog. I mean who am I to give out my opinions on other peoples creations. But today has been filled with guilt and rain and the beautifully experimental sounds of Radiohead’s new album IN/RAINBOWS- got me through the lugubrious day. I listen to all sorts of music, but within this album are some of the most sublime and intelligently erotic/sensual sounds I have ever heard. It is an epic record that accentuates everything the band has ever done together into a cohesive album that is not only mature but also highly skilled. It is a record of complex music weaved together into what I would call a conceptual work of art. Only the concept is difficult to decipher (it may not even exist) but someplace deep down after a few listens to the album you feel it, right under your soul.

I began my painting career a few years back while listening to Kid A. The sounds brought forth images that I never had dreamed of creating. Radiohead has always been able to unleash my introverted imagination with the orchestration of particular sounds that act as a catalyst for creative explosions. Each time my imagination seems to thaw I listen to Radiohead and am amazed by the work I produce by the end of a day. With IN/RAINBOWS the degree of creativity that is able to flow forth from listening to this amazingly beautiful album is just as strong as when I first listened to Kid A. The new album is multi layered and built as a collage with so many heterogeneous sound images that one is intellectually, emotionally and physically in a state close to rapture while listening to this masterpiece. IN/RAINBOWS is reminiscent of some of Brian Eno’s Ambiet work combined with the experimental sounds of Faust or Can’s more melodic/bucolic sounds. I am terribly grateful for this new album and I recommend it to anyone who is need of a soul revival to plug into IN/RAINBOWS. You can also watch a new film that the band has released at, You Tube . Enjoy.


  1. In rainbows is an awesome album. I’ve always liked radio head, but haven’t been as dedicated as you appear to be. But with rainbows I am making up for lost time. And by complete amazing accident. I’m walking my dog about 4 months ago down College ave. on the Oakland-Berkeley border and come to a bench outside La Frarine. I’m eating my freshly baked morning bun and glance to my left and see this CD sitting there with the words written on the outside of the blank CD cover, “Have a great day, enjoy the free music” So I walk home slip the cd into the player and play some fantastic tracks. To be honest I didn’t know what to make of it at first, maybe it was my shitty speakers but the first play didn’t resonate as well as the next 40 playings. It’s one of those albums that takes a few plays to sink in. I’ve talked to Radio head fans that agree with me on this. Its an album better played on the whole, not just track for track. By the way, when are they coming to SF for that huge festival? Has that already happened? Weird Fishes and Reckoner are on the top of the most played list for the album….but there really is no bad song on the whole.

  2. They are playing sometime in late August. I must get tickets. They are playng with Beck, Manu Chao and a few others. Yes, Weird Fishes is a great track.

    Two of my favorites:

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