The Glamorous Life.

2cu3.jpg I woke up later than I should have. Lately I have been trying to get out of bed earlier than 9 a.m- but I have yet to do so. There is something very enjoyable about being asleep. I had my head beneath my pillow (to keep out the light) when I heard my wife say “It’s almost noon. You have got to get out of bed.” I stupidly asked her “why?” She left the room and then came back with a frown on her face. “You need to get out of bed! You are so irresponsible!!” Nothing perturbs me more than being called irresponsible. I pay my rent, keep food in the fridge and have money left over for superfluous things (even though I lack a job and have a handful of bills collecting dust on my desk). “What do you mean I am irresponsible?” “Oh common honey, irresponsibility is your middle name.” I could not believe she was attacking me when I was defenseless and still in bed.

I got out from bed and kept asking “how do you think I am irresponsible?” My wife would not reply until I sat down and stopped being malicious. “Okay, I am fine,” I said waiting for her response. “You are irresponsible in everything. I ask you to do this and that and you don’t do it. I asked you to pay the parking tickett which you did not and now it is double the price. The list goes on and on and I am sick and tired of it. You’re gaining weight, becoming cynical and spending your time writing some ridiculous blog, for what?” She started to pick up her things to leave, and I let her since I was terribly offended to be called “irresponsible.” I heard my wife walk out the front door and I got back into bed. Ten years ago today I was in Medical School and quickly moving toward a successful career as a Doctor. I had published a book of short stories and was being advertised as a young Writer who is in Medical School (which I never finished). I had potential. Now its past noon and I am unemployed and still in bed.

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