The End Of Absurdistry

I just wanted to let my readers know that this site will be taken off the air in a day or so. Thank you for all of you comments and support. The good times were memorable. I hope I unhinged a few inhibitions, or what Therapists call “repressions.” If by chance you think it is or is not a good idea to take Absurdsitry off air, please feel free to leave a comment.

The End.


I tend to suffer from confusion which causes my mind to sway back and forth like a pendulum that is out of balance. So, today I have decided against the end of Absurdistry….and will carry on.


  1. ME ME ME!!!!!!! I am the PaulS of the gingaTao!. I am captain of my own pirate ship and I say, more more, you must write more, and I want to read it slowly and carefully and not comment on all of it, and they told me I’m arrogant for having a static front page and pointing to good writing and saying that’s good writing go and read it and in the comments section, you can read my thoughts on it which always come with the proviso that I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about. This is emotional intimacy which I am able to conduct because of the at the centre of the emanation of the layers of fictionality is a me which always will be in some sense anonymous, yaya the internet, unless, of course I sleep with you, and I don’t sleep with boys. You wrote a clear piece of prose. Most overt in the amoral selfindulgence of the character, which in itself could have been fiction, who knows, but I do, I know you created a fascinating character and told a great intelligent modern story with a distinctive and uncompromising narrative voice, and you are going? That pisses me off, not you, but because it means writers like you, who take time and trouble over their stories, thought about content and structure, intelligent, wellread writers of alive I am working right now looking for a reasonably intelligent audience don’t find blogging much use, because everyone is too bloody busy blogging to actual fucking read anything, which sucks, please come back and tell me where you are going, or dont go, there must some use you can make of this site, a place to experiment in connecting with an audience?

  2. I have been quietly reading your stuff for a few weeks. Don’t go. It’s one of the more entertaining and thoughtful blogs around here. I get miffed that not many comment but – hell – writing’s such a big part of my life so Im going to keep doing it anyway. Don’t you feel the same?

  3. I was googling for “stop time with meditation” and I found that post in your blog. After reading it I felt a pressing need to bookmark your blog to pay homage. Then I found your last message as a headstone. So I’m glad I arrived “just in time”.
    At least for the good paintings and the big moustaches.

  4. Why would you close it down? I don’t understand?
    I was only saying to Paul this morning that I really like your stuff, as I have in fact said to you… will be a loss if you go (and sorry for not commenting more, I do read every day, and I will make sure you know from now on, okay? I know it sucks if it feels like you are writing into a void, but you are not.)

    (oh and thanks for your comment on my stuff, it put a big ole grin on my face this morning).


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