The Resurgence Of Absurdistry

I thought about dumping this site, but once again it was saved by a reader. At times I feel as if the words that come out my fingertips go against my deepest principles. I feel ashamed of the things I write and wonder if I should really share this with the world. Then there is this tempestual voice in my head that says, “to hell with principle- this is literature you are creating and in literature there are no limitations you self righteous son of……..” So I will carry onwards, offending myself at every turn. I will continue to learn things about the demented mind that sits on top of my neck and seek out new ways to turn Absurdistry into a immorality play that may serve human kind in some incomprehensible way. The world is not rid of me yet!

“pee, pee.”

6 thoughts on “The Resurgence Of Absurdistry

  1. please don’t ever ditch this site! i relish your blog postings. wickedly honest, entertaining, extremely well written. reading about your life completely satiates my voyeuristic cravings. ha, pee pee!

  2. I really enjoy your writing. But alas, I must wait until I’m at home, not at work to get the full effect, as I might get in trouble. Although I see it as art, the government may not. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I am humbled (and inspired) by all the kind words and hope that I can continue to be a source of delight and perversion during these much to serious times in which we all live.

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