Electromagnetic Freek (EMF).

I love my laptop but it is making me sick! It has turned into a constant struggle. Let me explain before you jump to judgment: I am immensely sensitive to EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops- all wireless technology. I have learned about this new advent in my life lately. Upon moving into the new home in which I live- I developed all kinds of physical symptoms. Besides the regular palpitations, and constant worry, I have developed what feels like a perpetual tingling erection, brain surges and vivid dreams which shock me awake with a racing heartbeat. I have also begun to slur my words on certain heavy electromagnetic days and feel pins and needles tap dancing around in my microwaved brain. The house in which I currently reside is surrounded by a plethora of electromagnetic activity (city buildings, citizens talking on cell phones and endless wireless waves). The women who lives upstairs has several television monitors, which are on all day- along with her very strong wireless internet connection. Some times as I am falling off to sleep I am zapped awake by what feels like an electrical discharge from my brain to the rest of my body. I am not sure if this is the result of electromagnetic radiation or the disturbing sounds of my neighbor doing Yoga for hours past midnight. It is one of the most unpleasant experiences I have felt.

I have seen several Doctors all of whom have not a clue what is going on. Certain holistic practitioners have told me that I may be suffering from Multiple Sensitivity Syndrome or some kind of toxic poisoning. A healer whom I visited the other day convinced me to believe that what I am suffering from is EMF poisoning. “This is a modern syndrome,” he said- “we are all canaries in the coal mine, lab rats being used to test the short term and long term affects of all this new wireless technology.” I must stay away from wireless technology as much as possible, he told me. Each night before bed I am to wrap tin foil around my head and sleep with it on. A modern day wreath of thorns to celebrate my electromagnetic crucifixion.

The perpetual erection which has a nagging tingling component to it has remained unexplained. Neither Doctors nor esoteric healers know what to make of it. Most just see it as a flaw in the machine, but I believe otherwise. It is my belief that the radiation or electric activity is stimulating something in my nervous system which in return is causing the over-stimulation of my penis. It is becoming more than a discomfort in my life- it is now like living with an antenna stuck to my groin. Trying to sleep with a tingling erection verges upon the very difficult. Going through my life with it is a nag. It is affecting my marriage and creating some difficulties for me when I go out on a job search. Masturbation is of no help, nor is over-thinking about my mother in the nude. The only solution that I can come up with is tin foil and to remain as removed from wireless technology as I can, for a time.

The End.


  1. yes, the poisoning of our 21st century selves…….getting beyond ourselves, for which your permanent erection is a nice metaphor (though maybe not for you ;))……love the tinfoil wreath.

  2. watch out when you sleep, get all that gadgetry away from you

    very vulnerable when sleeping, and you’ll get zapped for 8 hours straight

    lovely art by the way absurdistry

  3. sounds similar to what happens to me i.e. laying in bed, almost asleep, when what can only be described as electrical discharge form my brain jolts me awake. While it sucks that this is a wholey unestablished and unproven theory you have, i take comfort in knowing that at the very least, i may not be crazy/have a brain tumor.

    Nice work, big up yourself

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving me the kind complement. I am sorry to hear you have to go through this as well. It has been happening to me in meditation as well, lately. There is no question in my mind that this is related to electromagnetic waves. You are not crazy…but rather we are over electrified!

  5. I love them with all my heart, as mothers do with their children.

    I like the pieces of music that play automatically when I get here. And your posts make me smile and forget about daily worries.

  6. My work as a writer feels complete if I can help my reader or readers forget about their daily toil. This is the whole point!! The affirmation is much appreciated.

  7. Over the past week I have been worried about my father. We had to take him to the hospital in the middle of the night because he was unwell. Now it looks like he’ll come home soon.


  8. Yes you are sensitive to the fields. It can cause more problems later in life even MS…just google it!
    If the world does go wireless a lot more health issues will result!
    Look into dirty electricity as well. That is a cause of lots of problems too!

  9. What a wuss. Oh those who warn of the dangers of technology are merely paranoid naysaying freaks. Let’s all prove our point by separating from the natural world even further…get more devices, like boldly drinking agent orange to prove its harmlessness; encourage Monsanto with their GMO laden crops; stick our feet under flouroscopes and find a nuclear fall out to watch and eat giant strawberries and “globe” grapes with all sorts of pesticides on them; build all houses under powerlines and encourage everyone to have convenient wireless systems. And in all of this we will demonstrate how skeptical we are of the harm in all of this EMF-hype On top of that, we can write smarmy, sophomoric and coy blog posts like this one to make people realize that this paranoia is ridiculous. What a geek. It IS a threat.

  10. Thanks for your mindful and compassionate comment Babs. All I can say is there was a time when people thought the same way about smoking as you do about EMF. I think your pro-EMF position will be proved wrong in the future (even though I am not really sure what your position is)- but it will take time. I think I will say no more because your comment needs no thoughtful reply.

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