Why Women Talk To Cats

I have always wondered why women talk to cats? Ever since I was a child I have took note of this strange phenomena. My grandmother would sing in Yiddish to every cat she passed by and often formed relationships with certain ones that she would invite over to her house on Sundays. Both my mother and my sister always talked to cats and I remember growing up with the both of them more preoccupied with talking to our two cats then they were with talking to me. I became annoyed with my sister and mother at a young age because whenever they would begin a conversation with cats it would be in a whiny childish high pitched tone that even as a young man I found concerning. But as I grew into the man I know seem to be today, I noticed more and more women who talked to cats.

Maybe there is a closer connection between the feline constitution and the feminine constitution? Maybe women are more tapped into the sensitive and delicate world of the cat? I have always thought of cats as very emotional creatures, and if it is true that the female is the most emotional species on the earth than this would provide an interesting connection between cats and women. I often wonder why it is that women have always talked more to my cats then they have to me, and I am just starting to learn that the answer to this may be less mystical than I have always imagined.

I have had girlfriends, wives and mistresses all of whom talk in strange childish tones to cats. They stop everything that they are doing and talk delicately with the cat as if it is their baby. They ask the cat the same questions that they would ask a human being. “How are you doing today Lilly?” or “Do you like the way the tree smells?” my wife always asks our cats. I think to myself, “does she expect that the cat is going to say I am fine thank you, and yourself?” or could this be a sign that my wife may be loosing touch with reality (since Alzheimer’s does run in her family). However, I try not to judge and I just presume that she feels good communicating with cats, just like all the women I have ever known.

Today I was walking home from the bookstore when I happened upon a rather attractive women dressed in a tight black skirt who was talking to a cat. The cat rubbed its feline fur all over her ankles as I heard the lady saying, “why are you such a nice cat…why are you such a nice cat? How come you are so beautiful and smart?” I waited for a moment to see if I could not hear some kind of response from the cat, but I heard nothing. My curiosity got the best of me and as I passed her I stopped and said “Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a question?” “No not at all,” she kindly replied. “Why are you talking to a cat?” I said. She seemed surprised for a moment and then provided me with a vague answer, “because I love cats.” I thanked her for her vague response and continued on. As I got a few feet away from her she added, “don’t you know that cats are a woman’s best friend?” And then everything made sense to me.

If dogs are a man’s best friend than why not assume that women should also have a four legged creature to call their own? Cats are not only independent and patient but they also embody some of the finest qualities of the female species. They are not only graceful in their movements but cats carry themselves with a kind of confidence that seems to be a familiar trademark of most if not all women. Cats are proud and seem to embody a certain warmth that I have only found before in the womb and women. If cats share certain qualities in common with women that define their relationship than what may this say about man and his best friend- the four legged beast?

So women talk to cats because they have something in common. They share a spiritual alliance with the feline species that no scientist could ever understand. Both cats and women get something from one another that no other source can provide. What this is I am uncertain, but I am willing to admit that it may have something to do with love and respect. When I returned home from my walk to the bookstore I found myself greeted by my two cats, Lilly and Monk. Before I realized what was going on I found myself asking them both how they were doing and what they were up to. Suddenly I realized that I too was talking to cats!! For a moment I contemplated what this realization could mean- but I sat down with both cats upon my lap and they both began to tell me about how men and women have more in common then I might think.

37 thoughts on “Why Women Talk To Cats

  1. Its been a while I’ve read a blog of this length…and enjoyed! lol I’m a catlover too *meow* D:

    but the most important thing is feeling cats is much more fun then feeling dogs.

    dont doubt my sexual orientation though <.<

    kudos for this blog!

    p.s. Damn u r married ):

  2. Just don’t do cats me, eeeeek. Those tiny heads and long stretchy bodies and all that rubbing of themselves, plus they make me sneeze. Dogs for me, though I like the previous comment 🙂

  3. Randal, I talk to cats, dogs, lizards, and most of all myself.And i have mentioned below what my ctas thought when they read this blog.
    Oh , Jo what an awful way to describe cats, I showed my cats this blog and your comments, and asked them what they thought of it, they were too disgruntled to say anything.
    PS your description of them reminds me of an ex of mine.

  4. Agggh, rumbled by Enigma, friend and cat lover…..sorry, sorry, I’m sure I told you I wasn’t too keen, didn’t I? I just can’t help it, they freak me out. Besides aren’t most people a one or the other lover 😉 …….mmmm? Oh, sorry Randall, you don’t mind us chatting on your blog, do you?

  5. Why Thank you Randal,
    Now Jo, I was just saying talking to my cats the other day, and i was telling them all about blogworld, and youll NEVER guess what they said *whispering in Jos ear*…..

  6. Cats are weird. They climb on your counters, kitchen tables and hook themselves to drapes. I can’t find that atteractive.

  7. hmmm one or the other?? i have both … turns out the dog is the one who listens, the cat ignores the hell out of me. “libby, come here girl” *dog takes a running leap* “salem, GET OFF THE TABLE!” *cat looks at me and looks back to the tv* ahh the joy of water bottles for he dont listen.

  8. Well when I was little I could talk to my cat. Her name was snowball, when she was in any type of emotion she will meow at me. So when I puck her up she will always look at what was bother her. If my brother was sitting on her side of the sofa I’ll push him off, cause he knows that her side and he just wanted to get her mad… I love all types of cats they are so cute and have nice eyes..

  9. I live with 10 cats…hehe. This was an intersting read, and I must agree with you. In our house, its only the 3 of us who love cats..mom, my maid and me…by bro and father hates them, but they are helpess…lol. And yes we enjoy talking to our cats 🙂
    Have a great day!

  10. 9s blog randal.v neva had a cat bt i do av dogs-5 of them bt m gettn a cat as sun as i can.cats r embodiments of ultra-feminity or rather felinity.lol.

  11. waaw beautiful description I learned several words in English thank you for this wonderful texte and I love cats too

  12. I just read this post out to my cat and she thinks men who talk to cats are the intelligent ones who have magically found a doorway into our world.

    Congratulations then, I hope you like it here.

  13. A cute and insightful entry. I love cats too. I can’t help myself. They understand when I talk to them and they are really funny and clever. Most of all, they are mysterious like myself and the earth.

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