I’m Searching For A Cure.

I have a new perspective I would like to share. It may change the world- and your life. It is a rather simple perspective and will take only a brief time to apply to your life. We can all learn how to build upon this perspective to create a better life for ourselves and our family (if we still have one). My perspective is rather unique. It is based upon years of struggle and unfulfilled potential. It has been cultivated like a fine wine through the several circular evolutions that have gotten me to where I am today. It is a perspective that is based upon not just love but also hate, not just right but also wrong, not just you but also me. It is a perspective that comes from my heart and I would like to share it with you.

What exactly this perspective is I am uncertain at the moment. I am patiently awaiting its arrival and the moment I receive it I shall let you know. It would be nice if this perspective was something that you could use to transform your own existence into that which you most desire. If you could use this perspective to free yourselves from poverty, pain, debt, illness and addiction than my expectations will be fulfilled. I know that this perspective can somehow change the world and save it from collapsing in upon itself- but I just need to find it. Time is of the essence. As a species we are struggling to survive and I feel the great burden of being able to come up with a solution sooner than later.

I spent the afternoon in the library searching stacks of books for this perspective. I found tidbits of wisdom such as “learn to identify a good feeling from a bad feeling,” or “we create our reality by feeling not thought.” I tried to incorporate these ideas into my own experience but all that happened was I became hungry and wanted a beer. I searched on the internet for various perspectives that could somehow provide the solution- but nothing appeared upon my screen that seemed to be adequate, other than Oprah’s recent interviews with Eckhart Tolle and a few things by Deepok Chopra. Today I will search no more because if a perspective is to take form in my mind- I feel like it will happen without the involvement of my own will.

It is terribly important to me that I offer you a perspective that will change your mind, give you hope, reunite you with your soul and start you off upon a path that will fill your life with meaning and purpose (this is ultimately the revolution that I would like to wage). I want for this perspective to do the same for me as well, but I am willing to sacrifice myself for other peoples enlightenment. As soon as this perspective come to me I will write a blog entry entitled, Perspective Found, but for the time being, while I wait I am going to go sit in the sun.


  1. Hey thats funny, even funnier because what you write is an echo of how I feel. Why only tonight I embarked on a search for new ideas and immediately started the debunking search too. Which brings me back to myself. Frankly I just want it all to hurry up and either implode or explode so we can get on with the next phase. This reality is getting more preposterous all the time. What a joke. Hey who knows how this hay-stack fits together? We have not even found the needle. Shit, we dont even know if we are in the right field, or left field. Look what we have achieved emotionally as human beings thus far. Nevertheless its an interesting place to be. Never a dull moment……….

  2. Keep saying it Paul….I like how it sounds!!

    Raoul.. It seems as if this world is spinning backwards and people have got it wrong. When we are thinking about how to get it write- yes never a dull moment. Thank you for your insightful reply. I have read it over and over.

    johemmant and enigma- you will be the first ones I tell:)

  3. It is said that we don’t require enlightenment, salvation and transformation, but to free ourselves from the desire for these things, from the hope that things could be different.

    But that could either be fundamentally profound wisdom or a sly justification for laziness.

  4. This is without a doubt one of the best things I’ve read in a long long time. Probably because I’m right there with you, past Chopra, past Tolle, just about past everybody who has had to share their perspective, cause although brilliant, inspiring and many other things, they don’t reach to where I can be found.
    Just brilliantly intelligent, the kinda stuff that just isn’t written often enough.
    I know you’re taking a break, good on you, but please don’t leave us hanging too long.

  5. Thank you for that wonderful comment. Wow!! If I received comments like this every day my despair would vanish into a perpetual joy that would lift my spirits to a level never known before by me.

    Thank you again…and I will be back soon enough.

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