No More Awards, Please!!

I just received notification for an award that I received today. The award is for ” Blog With Least Amount Of Weekly Readers” and I must say that I am surprised. I have always thought that having ten to twelve readers or “hits” a day was fairly decent. I was proud of my weekly rating of around seventy hits. But when I received this award for “Blog With The Least Amount Of Weekly Readers,” I did some research. I found that successful blogs receive over 10,000 hits a day and mediocre ones receive at least 500. 500!!!!! Since I have started this blog I have gained many awards for things like “Most Ridiculous Content,” “Most Depraved Blogger,” “Blogger In Need Of Most Psychological Assistance,” “Least Commented Upon Blog,” and so forth- but this most recent award has really opened my eyes! I mean I have been writing, laboring and living in the dark thinking that ten or so hits a day was decent!

All I had to do to receive the reward for “Blog With Least Amount Of Readers” was push a button and what I won was three private phone consultation with a blogging service that could help me acquire more readers. It is a pity prize, a reward that is intended to patronize the awardee. So I will not follow through with receiving the free consultations but I will ask one final time to Please….stop giving me these humiliating rewards!! I write not to be awarded but rather to release my numerous thoughts and emotions into the digital void hoping that some semblance of a life form will answer with various solutions for my existence here on earth. Some days, I stay away from this blog because I am afraid of what I might say and instead decide to keep it all in. Now that I know that 10 or so hits a day is nothing to be proud of I may change my strategy…but like I wrote in the awardee comment box when I accepted this last award “It is not about quantity…but rather quality. If I can affect only one reader with the things I write than I would rather have one reader than 10,000.” But Please….to whomever this may concern- NO MORE AWARDS, please! These awards are causing me to question why I spend my time blogging and taking a toll upon what little self confidence I have left (please read my last post entitled “The Trappings Of My Mind” for more information upon my psychological state at the moment).

10 thoughts on “No More Awards, Please!!

  1. What does it say about these people who use their time for negative actions? Jackasses. My other half and I actually both read your blog regularly and have even had conversations regarding topics you’ve brought up. Keep writing for us 10 or so people. We keep reading 🙂

  2. It is good to know that there is a lone voice out there in the digital dark void. Thank you for your inspiring words. I will do my best to continue on with these literary lamentations.

  3. Ahh, now I must pick one comment of the many available. I think I will go with, congratulations, again, and leave it at that, oh no i gotta make one up, i award you, mostunderated misunderstood undeservedly unacknowledged overawarded blog of all time, rage on,

  4. Oh dear, another shit award. Never mind, Randall, I’ve got something for you…….someone gave it to me and I should really have passed it on, problem is I have no way of giving you the statue without a ceremony on my blog and I’ve given up on those. Oh no, I know, I could mail you the graphic. So without further ado, I hereby award you the E for Excellent blog award, your tiny readership will be thrilled to see your wonderful writing finally receiving the respect if deserves………….. 🙂

  5. (MAKE MY WAY ONTO THE STAGE) Yes!!!! Thank you so much!! I would like to thank my computer, my wife, my cat and my life struggles for making this award possible. Finally there is an award that I can be proud of. I would also like to thank my dear readers (all ten of you) for showing me the concern and interest that keeps me showing up to write. Paul and Johemmant- without you this blog would not exist. This ones for you guys! Thank you!!! (loud sounds of many hands clapping….and all I am thinking is yes!!, my financial worries may finally be over).

  6. …as far as I am concerned, and for what it is worth, I think your blog is a breath of fresh air…gilded, awarded, with laurel wreath or not…Well Done…

    You have

    Humor cascading and colliding with real honesty, as a reader I have to ask, is there anything better than that? For me the answer is no, there is nothing better than that…Please continue…and Be Well…

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