The Birthday From Hell.

I’ll be honest- my birthday sucked. It was not anything in particular that took place but rather an over all mood. Their was languor or torpor in the air- the kind of feeling that you get when you are in the room with a group of people that you would rather not be around. Even though my entire family gathered together, I felt under appreciated, un- loved, uncomfortable and annoyed. My family is a group of people who suffer deeply. My 97 year old grandfather drank a good amount of red wine and kept telling me that no matter how “crummy” my father was- he loved me. My father tried to smile as he stuck expensive pasta in his mouth but I could see through that smile as if I was staring through glass. He does not like me, nor does he care for my wife- but he gave me $500.00 for my birthday. It is as if he is saying “go buy your self something nice so that I don’t have to feel bad.” He buys off most things in his life- including his son.

All through dinner I felt tense and suffered from chest pain. I dropped my pizza in my lap and drank much to much red wine. My mother kept making sure that my wife was going to take me home and put me to bed. I swore that I was not drunk and that I would go home and do meditation to recover from my birthday, which was filled with a pain so deep that I feel like I could scream. My mother and my wife did the best they can to smile and look appeased but no body talked to me about my life but rather it seemed as if we were all pretending that we live in a pretty world where appearance counts for every thing.

I do not know what I am going to do. If I could explain with words the feelings that I have within me I would have mastered the art of writing. But I am no master. On the outside the birthday was beautiful. Wine and cheese at my house with the family before dinner. My grandparents, parents, sister and wife all present. Then off to the restaurant for a six o’clock reservation where I met friends who would join us for a beautiful feast. We are alive and this is what matters most- I kept telling myself- but deep down I felt like I was stuck in the birthday from hell. Like I was on a ride that no body wanted to be on. I stuffed my face to take away my sorrow but I tried my hardest to smile, say cheers with every sip of wine and make sure the entire gathering was enjoying their time. Now I am home where I will now take a shower in my tears.

8 thoughts on “The Birthday From Hell.

  1. This is sounds very familiar to me. I come from a home where we communicate only for formalities sake. When we do talk about anything personal, we are too inexperienced with one another to not eachother.

    Also happy birthday.

  2. Sounds pretty bad, I know how you feel, I think lots of us do…your not alone. I wonder what your ideal birthday celebration would be like….

  3. i think you did better than you realize at describing how you felt. your experience sounded similar to awkward family events i’ve been forced to attend and now avoid like the plague. i hope you were able to meditate or write some of the pain away.

  4. Hey. I just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I’ve come to enjoy your blog. You’re a good writer. Sorry to hear about the crappy birthday… trust me, I can totally relate.

    I hope to read more soon.


  5. I guess that is the tradition of the jewish family. If one doesn’t turn out like the rest your kinda pushed away. like a mother weening her child. I too had to attend a family event with my jewish part of the family, and it is never fun. I feel as If I am the fuck up and everyone else is just doing wonderful. Its never fun, to be seen as the lower power. Its great to feel equal.

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