1. You are a genius, why were all the fishes so awful, maybe just so only the nice ones are left? I don’t know, but good luck with your journey toward an unending epiphany, keep chasing it, hahahahaha, another genius Randall moment,

  2. Sorry I tried to ignore and look beyond your superficial exterior…but it´s just that I really like it!! Next time I´ll focus on your eyes and look beyond, but for today I´ll give my eyes a treat.

  3. You are both much to much to kind. But with gratitude, I thank you.

    Yes, an unending epiphany- this is a good way to describe my trip.

  4. Maybe you can become a vegetarian and leave those fish in that huge ocean that is your mind. What would happen if you got your wish and there were no fish for the meat eaters, the sharks the wales to consume. How would they survive? Don’t we need balance in our oceans to create a equilibrium inside ourselves? Middle way Randy. Befriend your inner fish.

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