No More Awards, Please!!!!

I need your help. I have just learned that I was nominated for yet another demeaning award. Yet again I have been nominated for “Blog Least Commented Upon.” I do not know if this is meant to be an insult or a compliment. I must say it would not be a lie to suggest that readers rarely comment upon my blog- but do they have to rub it in! Who are these people, these award committees? Do they not have better things to do with their time than bug and degrade struggling bloggers? In those rare moments that I do receive a comment I am aroused like a dog at mealtime. I am excited to think that somebody cares. But now…….. now I have been nominated for an award that I wish not to receive. This is where you, my intelligent reader, comes in.

Two months ago my blog was rated as MATURE by the WordPress management. After realizing that my readership was plummeting like a rock in the sea-I fought back telling WordPress that I thought that this was an unjust rating and they made an agreement with me. They said that if I can stop writing about prostitution, strippers, masturbation, erotic massages, pornography, hand jobs, cum/orgasms,, perverted vices, and posting pictures of naked women for three months than they would take away my MATURE rating. This is going to be difficult to do but I need my readers. Now that my blog is rated MATURE I am cut off from various forms of blogging publicity and marketing, including the WordPress Forum- and well this punishment has lead to me having a blog that seems neglected and rarely read. Fine I can live with this….but not another award, please!!!!!!

If I have one reader out there in cyberspace (other than my wife) who enjoys reading my writing on a regular basis- well that is good enough reason for me to write. But like I said, I do not want to receive another demeaning and humiliating award……and it is looking like I am going to get it (I have only had three (intelligent) comments in the past week)! So the favor that I am asking of you is that if you have read gotten anything of value from reading this blog…well would you mind leaving a comment? Actually you do not even need to leave a comment- just write “Hi” or “I don’t give a crap” or “No more awards for Absurdistry!!!” Something to let this award committee (and myself) know that I am not a good candidate to receive their stinking award. I am just asking for a small mark, a foot step stating that- you were here. A small sign of appreciation. It is my hope that if I can garner together at least five or six comments this may…. it just may disqualify me. I will have my dignity intact and continue maintain this blog with not only a clean conscience but a feeling of victory over the powers that be (which is rare for me)!

Thank You.


  1. I think you failed at the naked pictures part. Randell she looks my age! MY GOD DUDE TAKE THE PICTURE OFF!

  2. What’s the problem? It is only a picture of an elderly androgynous type writer. Nothing offensive. Nowadays everything seems to be considered pornographic or offensive!! A threat to protestant morality!! Geeeeze!! No wonder my blog is under attack from all sides.

    ha ha.

  3. Fight the Power! Censorship is just there way of controlling you and your words. Have you looked into finding a blog site that lets you speak your mind without the censorship?

  4. How many do you need to stop moaning about it? Comments I mean. If you need some more, let me know. Of course you could try writing some of your own for other people like the rest of us, but that might be beneath you,

  5. Is this what I am doing,moaning? I only thought I was asking for the assistance of some fellow bloggers. It id true- I could read other blogs and comment upon them- which I do from time to time- maybe I should do this more. Why do I detect such consternation in your tone Paul? That time of month? Tell me how you feeeeeel.

    Yes, Fighting the power- now that is more like it. This is what I had in mind. A small revolution waged against WordPress by a small, unimportant blogger such as myself.

    WordPress (the publishers of this blog) are hypocrites, and as far as I am concerned just another repressive organization. I have copied and pasted all of my blog entries because I am certain that one day I will come to my blog and it will be gone. Then the lawsuit will begin. I have already been in touch with ACLU. You may want to see this:

  6. You could or you could contemplate why you feel the need for comments. Is it some kind of validation of your efforts? I feel the same way. It’s nice when someone who has taken the time to read the work also takes the time to say, something, anything. I am not consternated, I am helping, like a free but drunken therapist. Perhaps we should look into your reluctance to comment on other peoples writing and maybe find a clue that could unlock the secret of success in life for you in every endeavour. As for wordpress, rage on Don Quixote,

  7. Thank you Paul. My need is not for comments but to garner enough comments so that I can avoid being given another humiliating award. Well, maybe this is a lie….I suppose the more I look into it the more I realize you are right. Yes, I need validation, I need acknowledgment and I need you. Your comments are more insightful than any visit to my therapists office. I am going to now look at, then take a nap. I will contemplate ways that I can make my life more successful. I have been looking for that secret forever!

  8. I am sure looking at youporn and napping will help. Feel free to leave me a comment whenever you are feeling invalidated or in danger of another award. But then again I see you avoided that question of why you don’t comment on anyoneelses writing so maybe I too will give up,

  9. I like your blog. I would be sad if you disappeared. Even on vacation I read you! I usually leave a comment when you hit the right note.

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