Absurdistry Lives!

I have decided not to do away with Absurdistry. I am much too attached to Absurdistry. Instead I will maintain two blogs. One will be more perverse and overtly indecent while the other, Rhinoceros Journal, will be less offensive. Why I am maintaining two blogs, I don’t know. Maybe I have nothing better to do. Maybe I long for fame. Whatever the case- it is my hope that both blogs feed each other and create an organic synergy that offers a unique literary experience that can be found nowhere else. This may be idealistic and deluded but it is my hope to challenge the repressive ideals and moral constructs of a society that seeks to marginalize the larger part of its citizenship. In America, Absurdistry is a perfect weapon for me to do this. So like Paul says, I shall rage on.


  1. I’m reading you for the first time … well second time technically – found your rhinocerous journal blog originally and stumbled through some links to get here :=)

    Your blog is a refreshing read that I thoroughly enjoyed, and the insight into the male psyche will keep me coming back for another fix!

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