Heat Wave

I just went for a twenty minute walk and almost had to pick my flesh off of the sidewalk. I don’t know if heat stimulates an erection but my penis was wide awake for the entirety of my walk. I heard some one yell at me that I was crazy for walking because it was over a hundred degrees. Perspiration poured over my for-head like rain drops and I could see my heart beat through my sweat drenched t-shirt. Thoughts of impending doom twirled through my head like race cars and all I wanted to do was be back home in the safety of my blog where I could write about my near death encounter and tell the entire world that I am now going to masturbate to celebrate a life lived!


  1. Pendulum, that’s who you are. I might now little, and I admit that I know nothing, but it seems to me that it is not thoughts of impending doom that trouble you. It is the abrupt changes in mood. One moment you feel like you can handle your life and that you just have to work more in order to be successful, and the next moment it seems like it is all over.

    Be simple

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