Letter To My Father (On Barack)

On another note- I have been getting involved with thinking a lot about non-violent communication. At school I am surrounded by violent communication all day and one of the things I seek to do is teach students how they can get their needs met by communicating non violently. Problem is that a lot of their influence is angry rap music and the rhetoric of anger that comes from parents, cops, actors, politicians and teachers. When I saw the VIDEO you sent me I was reminded of a way of communicating that does not turn ones thinking to the deeper question of what one needs- but stays on the superficial level of accusation and blame. This always leads towards separation and violence and the reason why I am voting for Barack is because he reflects my own intention as a teacher- to bring people together. This, I believe is what America and the world needs if we are going to survive. We need to come together, work together to make a better world. We don’t need to keep acting as separate individuals. This goes against the laws of nature because we are not separate individuals. It is my belief that the result of going against nature is why we are in the current situation of war, economic depression, division, anger, environmental deterioration and more. My main thesis is that consciousness is not experienced in the plural, but rather as a singular. There is only one thing in the universe which appears to be a series of pluralities. This is the illusion, maya- that we are separate. We are one people and I believe that we need to unify so that we can heal. If this makes me a socialist- so be it. I consider myself a humanist and if it takes mystical speculation to voice my deeper beliefs than I am willing to do so. I just saw that video you sent me and I was reminded of all the reasons why we as a nation are separated, divided and angry. Barack, for me, brings the medicine of hope to treat this life threatening ailment.

Love, Randall


  1. That is brilliant, Randall. Fusion of the personal, the spiritual and the political. There is no such thing as individual survival and that is where morality began as a practical device. This is a fantastic piece of writing in many ways.

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