A Career In Meditation

app_full_proxyI like spending a lot of time in stillness. I don’t mind people, but I prefer being left alone. The pleasures of my own mind far out weigh the experience of being around other human beings. I enjoy going on long mental walks, alone. I also enjoy just breathing and watching my own mind fill up with thoughts flashing across the movie screen of my consciousness. Somehow I am fully gratified by this simple experience in the same way that most others would be gratified by going to a movie. I will be honest- in my home there is a closet where I enjoy spending most of my time. I sit in meditation sometimes for hours at a time in darkness, just watching my breath and the thoughts that snake through my neurotic mind. After twenty minutes or so of calming my mind and heart down- I reach a state that some people refer to as PEACE. Everything becomes still. Thoughts stop menacing around in my mind. My cravings calm down and my breathing is so slow that not even a feather would move if you put it under my nose. My lust and ambitions dissolve and I no longer need to do anything or be anywhere. I am a man at peace- alone in the privacy of his own closet.

My wife is having difficulty dealing with the amount of time that I spend closed off from the material world. She thinks that it is abnormal behavior for a grown married man, who is almost 40 years old to be closeted off from the world for such long periods of time. “You should be more ambitious, pursuing a career- and out with friends,” she tells me. I should be devoted to work and wife and striving to achieve the American dream. I try to tell her that I am working on myself so that I can be a better husband, friend, lover and member of society. Most of my life I have struggled with chronic anxiety- and meditating in my closet is my one way to be free. She still thinks that there are better ways of doing this other than holding myself hostage in a closet. I could join a group or go back to school, she suggests but all I want to do is be left alone far from the light of day.

I think one of the reasons why my wife may have wanted to leave me for another man was because of the amount of time I was spending closed off in my closet. Even though I told her that I was practicing meditation (self growth) she saw it as a form of alienation and felt like I was not paying much attention to her. Over the course of many months my wife started getting involved in her own extra curricular activities and eventually was able to get her needs met elsewhere. I on the other hand was able to meet my own needs by sitting in the lotus position, focusing on my breath and being still in darkness. I needed little sexual fulfillment (even though I confess to smoking marijuana a few times in my closet) and I was content enough to simply be alone. My closet became a universe of its own- a reflection of my mind turned inside out.

Recently I have begun to notice that there are no careers in meditation. My wife can understand my need to spend long periods of time in my closet if I am working towards something specific. I asked if she would be more content with the time I spend alone if I was working towards a career in meditation. She told me that would make more practical sense to her. So during the day I have been looking around for careers in meditation, but there are none. There are careers and graduate degrees in everything from taxidermy to vivisection but there is nothing out there for working silently with your own mind. Human beings are a strange species- we value doing experiments on animals and then stuffing them when they die more than we value our own inner peace. I could be a Psychologists or a Psychic, I could be a Yoga Instructor or a Thai Chi Master- but none of these careers appeal to me. I simply want to find work in the field of meditation so that I can spend the majority of my time sitting alone in the darkness of my own closet. I want to teach others how to sit equally still so that I can feel like I am doing something to contribute to a more relaxed world free from all the paranoia. Until I am able to find a way to have a career in meditation I have promised my wife that I will spend less time hidden away in my closet (or else she may threaten to run away again into the arms of yet another man). For the time being I will continue to do things for money that the world (and my wife) thinks of as more pragmatic and maybe go out with a few friends now an then. I will pretend to be normal. This way I will get my wife off my back, but I can promise you dear reader- that when she is not looking I will sneak back into to the wonderful dark world where you will find me sitting alone.


  1. dark closet, yet another man…..

    Oh Randall, I feel like sitting in a closet all the time, my problem is I would never get up.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. I applied at Spirit Rock but was told that there were no job openings for just teaching meditation. Usually these jobs consist of doing more than just teaching meditation. However- thanks for the tip. I am no Zen Buddhist so SFZC is not in my deck of cards.

    Just for your info- I meant for this entry to be more idiosyncratic and absurd than actually literal.

  3. For spending most of the time on my room alone, I too have got constant advices from my mother, who asked me to go out with friends and party as I am still in that age, but that never appealed me. I started a different journey. I started developing my intuitive powers and helping people by reading aura’s, giving aura correction methods and by suggesting symbols for different issues. To make my career smooth, it is mandatory for me to sit in meditation. As I cannot focus and be intuitive without it. Liked your blog šŸ™‚

    1. Meditation is any act which connects you with the SOURCE.Sitting in a room is a act where you can meditate.But connection is achieved when you are totally present in here and now and not lost in mind(thought).As soon as u make yourself available to present you get connected to the source hence meditation happens.So to get connected with the source you dont need to sit in a room exclusively to meditate..You can meditate in your every act if you are present totally for the act,fully alert.You can be meditative while eating,running,walking..any act just have to be present and will get the same silence and heart filling with joy that you get when you meditate in closed room….Infact when you are meditative in open you will have more experience ,more feelings coming to you…

  4. Beautifully stated. I think that you would enjoy a book by Shulamit Elson called “Kabbalah Of Prayer.” It may help make life smooth.

  5. Good afternoon:

    I too spend a lot of time meditating.

    I also would like to start a career in meditating and have found no information either.

    Please let me know if you are able to find a path toward this career, and I will furnish you with similar info.

    many blessings on your path,


  6. Thank you Michael. Creating meditation workshops that you teach out of your home I have found is a good place to begin. please let me know if you find “the way.”

  7. Dear Absurdity:

    Thanks for your note.

    I have not checked out this e-chat in awhile.

    Yes, workshops is an excellent idea.

    I am tryingto set up nightly meditations around my area. I am trying to hold them in different locations so that there are no excuses for not attending at least one.

    I would love to have one every evening. Morning is my time, although I have a few morning classes developing too.

    I first began to sit with Adyashanti in the Bay Area and really like his idea of a $10 Love Offering.

    There is no pledging, tithing, or monthly dues. Just drop in a ten and go.

    It’s an amount that almost anyone can afford. If they can’t, they are still very welcome, no one is ever refused.

    It is still a long way from supporting me, it just kicks in a little extra money.

    I was trying to hold one several hours away, but I don’t have the ability to drum up interest that far from home.

    I am going to pursue your workshop idea, thank you.

    Many friends say that we should write. People love to come to sit with someone who has a book.

    Amazon has a division that allows us to self-publish fairly cheaply, and also maintain control of what is published.

    Have a wonderful evening.



    PS I sit in the closet too. The last time I was taking Ramana’s suggestion to find where all thought eminates from.

  8. If you are going so deep then why dont you drop your mind and surrender to god, the stage of let go, for what you are still clinging.
    Listen to OSHO…..You must have heard the name

  9. As much as you think it’s not, it’s unhealthy because this is what the Buddha himself demonstrated after stilling the mind for 40 days and 40 nights – he never stopped moving afterwards. Meditation is a state of learning, a state of being, in pureness, outside of the mind. Clinging to this state of conscious obviously isn’t an open option to you, so basically you have to accept the cards you are given, because there is no other option. If you don’t make an effort to make what’s around you happy, then how can you BE happy if they have discontent within you? There are far worse conditions on Earth that people would gladly trade their life for to be in your spot. If you don’t accept what is given, YOUR common place in society, but instead reject your responsibility to do what you need to do in order to be happy and content even outside this meditative state, then you obviously are mis-qualifying your reason for being on planet earth.

    Meditation is a state of manifesting creation, in other words, becoming God. You have justified so deeply that your happiness only comes from raising your self individual awareness/conscious through stillness that you’ve forgotten that you are more than the individual self – you are in essence ‘all of this,’ the entirety of this world. And you are locking away all your powers of creation, you are holding back on using creative power, and have instead created a surplus of bliss that holds no real value to you, you have now made it a habit of bringing peace amongst yourself instead of sharing, so the world now tells you that you aren’t doing something right. Thus, brings the topic of what God is – ever transcendence. Constant rebirth. Change for helping the universe (God is the universe, God is you, you are the universe, so you are holding back on assisting with development by simply being away from anything you have surrounded yourself with). Some people are born lucky and get to meditate their whole lives undisturbed sitting in bliss. Eventually the bliss runs out my friend, and you either have the decision to continue to not change or you decide to get up and do something about it. Experience lyes within doing, and if you sat around doing nothing your whole life, then why did you come to this planet in the first place?

    Eventually karma reaches you, and only by dissolving your karma by changing the world can you be happy about your new attitude for life. If you sit doing nothing, then each individual segment of karma approaches so slowly that it’s instead a “reproach” and you have thus realized that what you have been doing all along wasn’t right, but instead selfish. You need to consider a new approach to what being active means to you and how being passive isn’t always a good thing.

    And again, like I said, you just have to accept the cards life has dealt. If you find peace closing yourself from the universe, you won’t accept anything greater to form in your life. You get stuck in a cyclic pattern and when you don’t make your body happy and only find God by being stuck in a closet, then you are fiercely offset from how to maintain happiness when dealing with karma.

  10. i completely get it. i’m 41. i left a very hectic career behind me. i’m dealing with childhood issues and i have adhd. the only time i feel like i have complete control over my mind and body is after about 20 minutes of meditation and i want it to just go on forever and never really leave and i’d give anything to be able to pass the peace on to others. i found you by googling “meditation careers”… maybe one day! until then, i’m going to keep meditating and trying to find more balance in all things.

  11. I know this question was ages ago but I will comment anyway. Clearly the author has become a bit unbalance, but he is also aware of the fact. He should also be aware that he’s not in a good position to teach if he cannot continue his meditation into normal everyday life and is only benefiting from it when he’s alone and in his closet, and using it as a form of escape. If he succeeds in a teaching career at this point, then he will go on to teach others to become unbalanced and withdraw into a closet instead of becoming what they need to be; fully conscious and fully human

  12. You make a good point Anonymous, and I agree with you, but you will happy to know that I am in close contact with the author and he is an enlightened being now. Like Orpheus who had to sink down into the underworld in order to become “enlightened” our beloved author had to sink down into his closet for a period of time. I’m sure we have all gone through our “closet phases” but the test is who can come out of it a more integrated, balanced, aware and mindful human being. I assure you that our author has. Maybe he will comment on this further when he checks in.

  13. You may just start to share your practice with other. I do it in Bali – you may check on www,mastersofuniverse.net – Meditation in Bali

    Enjoy every momnet of life,


    1. I want you all to unite and live each others taste of life…… i want you all to live by not making these meditation as your buisness ….. as far we know money has taken a huge role in humans life …. but that doesn’t means you got sold … just remind in your head that you can buy a bed but you cant buy a sleep my dear lovers … these is the journey of lifes of lifes …. and the life you are all living is just a exam … prepare for it because after it you are going to live a life where there is no death no revenge no ego ….

  14. Hi There

    I have been looking for a career in meditation, i have been watching a lot of individuals that are making there way with you tube video’s where people can make donations, you could teach you words of wisdom though that. Once we have found this divinity within our selves we often want to share and often it is all we can do. I feel like i dont want to be in the system but just be in the flow of life and then everything we need comes to us x x x x

  15. i too, spend a lot of time in my closet. when i say closet, i really mean my sauna. where else can i go and take the who-niverse, the Discworld, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. i have herbal teas, scented candles, music of the angels cd (or linkin park-depending or my mood). i also get a lot of work done through writing, journaling, and even music and poetry (my rainstick and lap piano!). i hear all of the comments and it sounds like you all want to share and make careers of it. i don’t i have a wonderful career. or perhaps it’s not wonderful at all. but what i do with my mind after words is so great that i don’t care about life’s disappointments. i too could go on you tube and invite people into my life. but this is the very thing that causes anxiety for me. i am just not that much of a social butterfly. during the course of the day, i can tolerate all the ammenities fo the world around me, but when the day is over, i shut down. i don’t even want to spend time with fam and friemds. i often dread the weekends. there is so much pressure to perform. all i can think about is that next book i want to read. that next poem i want to write, that next necklace i want to craft. all the things i like, have very little need for others. i have been like this since i was a child. i did not play well with others. i did not want to share. i had siblings and cousins and friends. they were fine. i interacted with them without incident. as a child, i preferred to do a puzzle or work on my stamp and coin collection versus going outside to play hide and seek or jump rope. now i find myself pleasantly alone. and the only people i invite in are my loved ones and by now, they know who they are and have been able to break through to me to get me out of the “closet”. i am well adjusted now and very balanced due to my introverted personality being channeled in a healthy and productive way. i think the best “career” you can get from meditation is by example to others. so i don’t feel compelled to share much about myself. in fact, this is about the most i have written about myself…i came across this blog because i am attempting to convert an existing closet into a meditation space. once this is done, my family will be able to enjoy it and share their experience. as it stands now only my hubby and i use the sauna. my vision for the space is this bold 70’s wall paper, a hooka, black velvet on the ceiling with glow in the dark-painted pieces of glass (to mimic the universe), a faux spiral stair case (just because…), and a circle chair to mimic the womb! wish me luck an namaste to you all. kw

    1. try this organisation: The Art of Living. It is very much there in America too. You can become a full time teacher there and get paid too but not for luxurious lifestyle but to support yourself as far as I know. The main aim there is not to earn money but teach meditation and other things to people. All the best.

  16. No wonder I have been thinking about a career in meditation,what can be a greater ecstacy than just being in yourself !!

  17. There is nothing to be carried out for money making in meditation. Meditation is complete state of no business, no career……don’t take it otherwise, i only want to say that no one will pay you for this job. That is why in olden days monks prefer to stay in forests, hill, mountains etc. and depending on nature for their needs.

    Mahesh Mani
    Meditator (Omkar)

    1. I hate to be the bearer of bad news Mahesh but I live in a country (America) where people are as in need of meditation as they are of bread and water. People in America are willing to pay to learn the skill and practice of meditation just as they are willing to pay for music or food. As much as you think that no one will pay me for the job of teaching meditation you are very wrong. There is so much opportunity in this field if you are good at relating with others. I became a psychotherapist, teach meditation in my practice, give workshops on meditation and have found a way to make a humble living (the meditation teacher has got to eat) out of teaching meditation. It is not big bucks but who needs big bucks anyways when you are contributing to the well being of others.

    2. The funny thing is, generally in the west when someone offers something for free, it isn’t seen as very worthwhile! Or it comes with a catch. In my experience, that’s often true.

      Teachers of meditation (or of martial arts, or cookery, or anything else), need to make a living somehow. I have no problem whatsoever paying someone for their time and knowledge – I do this in every other area of my life.

      I appreciate that particularly in the East, a lot of meditation is taught for free.

      But that is because it can be taught for free: the teachers are supported financially by the ashram and the disciples. I know, I know – all of the teachers in those traditions say that no money is required, one can donate if one wishes. But in many traditions, it is socially expected that people donate. And even if there is no such group pressure to donate, one feels obliged to donate as a way to give thanks to the instructor.

      Further, the instructors in the West tend to have a less religious focus (in fact many simply teach the techniques with no focus on enlightenment, or karma or future lives, etc). Whereas more spiritual-based teachers (who accept donations) are given donations because the disciples believe they will get something in return: grace of the guru, or good merit for future lives, etc.

      Take the example of buddhist monks living in the forest, begging for alms each day. Do you think the local poor villagers would give up their rice if they thought that they would get no spiritual merit, or there were no future lives? I think the monks would have much less to eat if the villagers thought that!

      My point is – even in traditional spiritual traditions (particularly in the East) you still pay, but you just pay in other (less obvious) ways.

      And if you join a spiritual organisation for ‘free’ meditation instruction, many times this involves becoming part of the organisations, and donating not only your money, but your time to work for free for the organisation (‘seva’).

      I have travelled to India twice – which is enough to realise that the word ‘donation’ is more akin to the English word ‘expectation’. As any western traveller will experience, a request for a ‘donation’ is really a request for a fee for services (which are often given in advance, apparently freely and willingly, until you are hit with the bill).

      There are also many ‘donation-based’ spiritual organisations that are very very very wealthy. In contrast, the average meditation teacher in the west generally makes a very humble living.

      Why did I just write so much above? I guess it’s partly because many years ago I thought it abhorrent that some teachers would ask payment to teach meditation. A few years later I changed my view when I saw that teachers who taught for ‘free’ were doing very well (and sometimes extraordinarily well) financially, and were supported by their students just like meditation teachers who taught for a fee.

      The main difference for me is that teachers who ask for a fee are very honest and ask for the fee up front. Whereas other teachers hit you with a sneaky bill after the lesson has been given.

  18. I’d like to do something similar in India.
    Ironically, though India is home to many meditation and spiritual traditions, yet, this is the very country where they are rotting the most. Thanks to half baked spiritualists who become yoga teachers and meditation instructors. It’s a problem of plenty since everybody is so full of their own ideas of how your spirituality/meditation/ even your god should be.

    Anyway. I wish to do the same. I want to teach others to sit still. I want to read/write/ edit spiritual literature. I want to do my bit to contributing to the lessening of the noise in the world.

    1. Listen appi … You know if days rises then night too… means it is balanced …the truth.
      you can start you journey from anywhere… everything is available where ever you are … India dosent seems what is looks like ….. Meditation is a key to start your vehicle… šŸ™‚ but the things actually happening around the globe is they are using these key as acceleration šŸ™‚ … i mean go deep and deeper you will sort out what is happening around you and what iam saying … To do these Stop your mind and Listen to ur heart !!!!!

  19. Become a meditation teacher! There’s probably some teaching course near you (search ‘meditation teaching’ course on the web). You’ll complete a course and start teaching. Alternatively, just start teaching. Offer free one-hour introductory sessions, and those who are interested can pay for your longer courses. Best of luck !

  20. Hi,My name is Anjali from India. As I was reading this chat, I felt it as a group of like minded people. Spending time alone meditating is a real treat to meditators. I have tried all different types of meditation. I would love to be a meditation teacher. But I am unable to locate such kind of job. In India, meditation courses are offered free by spiritual organizations, hence I cant even charge people for attending mediation workshops. I am also a life coach. But dont know, how the business will turn up. Right now, feeling stuck!!!

  21. I believe there are alot of people incarnating to this planet simply to be still, to love and be loved. And by loving they heal them selves and the planet. we have been so very cruel to ourselves in the last 20,000 years I believe this space has been provided by us here now, this is a underlying theme running through this discussion yet to be mentioned.
    Know that you are loved .
    Love your knowing.
    Bless you all.

  22. Hi , I want you all to add me here in facebook , just search SUNNY PEER SUFI in fb there is only 1 id …. I want you all to introduce someone very special :))) thanks

  23. I’m similar alien like you. I’m very dedicative {loner, meditator, nofapar, faster(one who does lots of fasting), etc…..}. Add me in my Facebook if u want. My profile name “Tiliza Gunjan”. My profile pic is of me & my rabbits. I live in Nepal & I wished you & all similar aliens like you & me to come to Nepal & we can become a forest/cave/hills meditator. We can become a tapasvin/rishi/Saint or whatever it is & spend the rest of our live there. Yes, huge sacrifice is necessary. Like leaving behind family, home etc. I’am already preparing for it. I just wished people like you & me would join me although I understand it is very difficult you & people like you & me to join me & make this happen. Anyway, just add me on fb. I don’t wanna simply meet & just pass by from such people like you because such people are very rare.

  24. I think you all belong to the air kingdom where peace is brought through meditation and for this you all people should leave together, where everyone will understand each other and can live peacefully.

  25. I have a feeling someday careers in meditation will be a thing. I’m an RN and I’m thinking about getting certified in meditation! It’s the only board certified meditation program for health care professionals there is. There’s other certifications for non-nurse people too. Don’t give up! The problem with our minds is that we always try to figure out every detail about how our passion will play out and if we can’t we get discouraged and frustrated. I’ve just decided to stop that neurotic drama and rest. Let my mind rest and see how things unfold. Don’t give up!

    1. There really is a valid need for certification in meditation practices. Iam experiencing a strong amount of resistance to relax from some of the children i treat. I work with children with Autism and other developmental diagnoses. I will consider more formal training in the area of meditation. It is not uncommon for childten with mental health issues to have sleep disturbances as well. Alot of times parents cant get the sleep schedule in a household to work due to the auxillary problems associated with managing the disease. One of the children i see weekly has to be bused to 2 different facilities daily. This has taken a serious toll on the little guy. Unfortunately, the clinicians involved have not been able to adress the child’s resistance to nap in the middle of the day. After some discussion with the family i learned that they don’t let him nap at home. Not even on weekends. If he naps, he’s up all night. This stress cycle is manifesting as behavioral instead of neurological. That’s why meditation would help.

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