Even Black Cats Get Depresssed

imagesMy cat buries himself beneath the blankets on my bed. He stays there all day- dormant as a doormat. He is an older cat whose biological clock is ticking past fifteen years. As a result of lingering old age he his prone to spasms of senility and immobility but normally he is erect and jumping over fences.

I wonder if it is because of the wind today? Or maybe it is the changing seasons that are bringing him down? My cat is a black cat- could it be that he is feeling the negative stereotypes of evil and superstition that are attributed to black cats at this time of year? Whatever the reasons may be, my cat is depressed. As a concerned animal owner I have decided to leave him alone until Halloween, the wind or the changing seasons end. If at that time he is no better and still withdrawing beneath the blankets of my bed- I will call a Therapist.


  1. Like the new set up.

    I don’t think he needs therapy quite yet. He is a cat so we in fact know his sadness is really a trick to get you to do something for him. I think he will snap out of it soon.

    Love Renee xoxox

  2. Ah he is trying to trick me. Hmmm. I have often thought that he will love the hand that feeds him, whomever it might be. So I have been doing a test to see if he will still love me even when I do not feed him. It has been six days now that he has been deprived of food and maybe he is trying to trick me or guilt me into feeding him. Today I will feed him and see if this works- before calling a therapist:)

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