Dear Readers

photoI just wanted to write you a note to explain why I pulled the entry “Tree Hugger” off of my blog. Lately I have been noticing that some of my blog entries are being copied and pasted to other sites- upon which “the copier” claims the entries as his/her own. I do not mind this so much and even find it a bit flattering- but I would like to keep “Tree Hugger” as my own.

One of my dear readers suggested that I turn the entry into a child’s book and I think that is good idea. Why not? Just need to find someone who can draw and then I will be up and running with the idea. So I hope you understand that I need to protect “Tree Hugger” as if it was a heirloom that I could never get back….just in case I choose to move forward with the child book idea.

I am grateful for all the wonderful comments that I received. Even though they now exist in that mysterious void into which we all return- I benefited from what you had to say greatly and the comments still linger in my slumbering mind. Thank you for your continual support of the stories I need to tell…. and stay tuned in for my next blog entry which is about how I have lost my English.

P.S. If you are a reader that I know, I would be more than happy to send you a copy of “Tree Hugger.” If you are interested feel free to drop me an email at with your address.


  1. Randall, even if they steal your work you can still prove it was yours (we are your witnesses). Correct me if I’m wrong but I think most children’s book publishers have there own illustrators – they just want the story, so you don’t need to worry about finding someone to do pictures. This explains why so many children’s books look the same!

  2. Thanks Gabrielle! Maybe I am a bit overly paranoid. Blogging is just such an insecure terrain for the lone author. As far as an illustrator goes I would want to find someone who has a unique off the wall kind of style like Shel Silverstein- so the book would not look like all those banal and mundane children’s books. I am thinking a children’s book that adults can enjoy reading. Hmmmm.

  3. I have said before that I hold your writing in high regard. With that being said, you deserve to be credited properly wherever your work may appear. Not sure what you can do on the vast, anonymous internet aside from notifying the sites where the offenses take place, but I would definitely send a note to those site operators, informing them of the situation. I would hate to see good writers stop posting because of situations like this. Keep up the Good work.
    …And Another Thing!

  4. Well that sucks… I know nobody is going to copy anything from my blog (haha! Good one, me), but that’s really low. You create a weblog to, well, log. What is the point in copying it from someone else and passing it off as your own? A couple more readers? A date?

    Wonders never cease.

  5. I suppose I do not mind others copying what I write to their blogs because I have have plenty of stories in my uptight head to pass around. Why not share the wealth? Maybe if I was running low I might be a bit more protective- but every hour that I am alive I find that my experience creates the material and all I have to do is type and edit. It is a nice luxury but at the same time it is a heavy burden to carry because I can never get rid of this itch or need to write. Everything that I put up on this blog is to share. The moment I push “publish” I know it is out of my control ( a good lesson in letting go). Thanks for the comments and support.

    RG- if what I write has the ability to get someone a date, than wow! My job was done, and the honor would be all mine (but I would wonder about a person who would want to go out on a date with whom ever is parading in front of what I have written)

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