Writer’s Block

Currently, I am suffering through a bad bout of writer’s block and maybe even a bit of winter time blues. The thought of lifting a pen, typing on a key board or editing feels akin to lifting a heavy weight or going for a long, uphill run (neither of which I want to do). I get tired just thinking about it. The thing about writing is that the author is often a servant to “the whims of a creative breeze.” When there is no breeze blowing the authors way- there is little he or she can do to force it. Such is the hazard of the writing trade. I do not like this state of things but I realize that good prose can not be forced or contrived. So, patiently I will wait, go about my day to day life and return whenever the breeze once again decides to blow my way.


    1. Lets see if this works. I will give them both a try since I got the B vitamins and there is so much rain falling that I am certain I can find a large puddle of cold water to jump into. Thanks for the tips!

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