The End Of Absurdistry

Absurdistry will be self destructing in twenty-four hours. It has been a pleasure writing on this wacky blog and even more pleasurable having you as my readers. I am deleting this blog because I want to minimize my on-line time and have less distractions in my life so that I can focus on writing the novel I feel like I need to write. Please feel free to copy anything you would like from this blog (if you want) and I wish you all the best in your existences on planet earth and beyond.




  1. I will miss you. Good luck. I have copied The Grapefruit thief – thank you. I really love that story, it made me laugh and laugh. I really look forward to the novel!

    1. Thanks Alison- enjoy “The Grapefruit Thief” and think of me whenever you eat a grapefruit! The story is going to be published soon in “The Sun Magazine” so you can look for it there as well.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I screamed that) Okay, can you please reconsider this stupid decision of yours. Is not there another way? I would pay you to stay if I was not knee deep in my own home mortgage. Common man- wake up, don’t play the fool, reconsider, fuck the novel, you are loved here.

    1. Dear Hurt- I hear you loud and clear but how am I going to dedicate myself to writing a novel and all the other things I want to do and write when I continually am pre-occupied with thinking about this blog? I am compulsive with this blog, am always writing stories in my notebooks with the intention of posting them on the blog. I realize that as long as I maintain this blog- I will get little of anything else done. I really am grateful for all the love and playing the fool under these circumstances is a difficult role to play….but I got to do it. I hope you will understand and good luck with your mortgage.

  3. Randall,
    Although I believe I understand why you came to make this decision, you will clearly be disheartening a lot of readers who regularly visit your blog. I would not like to spend my night copying everything you have here because I have a few papers due tomorrow to finish. Can you extend your extension to three days?

    Also, if you feel that by having a blog you are subjecting yourself to the pressure of compulsively writing on it, and which in the end affects your other endeavors, couldn’t you just give your password to a trustworthy person, who in turn will make the blog inaccessible to you, but will still leave it open to many other potential readers?

    1. Thanks Sajins. I am certainly open to your idea- but I am not sure whom I would give the password to, and who would be willing to do this kind of work. Would you be interested? Also- yes I would be willing to leave the blog up for a few more days so that you will have more time. Good luck with your papers.

      Oh…. and you hit the nail on the head so to speak when you said, “subjecting yourself to the pressure of compulsively writing on it, and which in the end affects your other endeavors.” Ever think of going into the field of psychology?

      1. I am not in a psychology major, but in my spare time I read quite a few books in this field, including a large portion of the DSM-IV, but I am not always quite versed in understanding where people “fit.” I am pursuing my studies in business, which I hate to the core, but on the sidelines I study mathematics, religion, and Hellenistic philosophy. I’ve been struggling for a while to write a book to on a more secular topic: The Application of Epictetus’ Teachings in the Issues of Attention. So far I barely managed to get past twenty or so pages.

        BTW, I would be glad to be your “blogkeeper,” if that is okay with you. Here is my email: gettowar[aaaatttt] My actual name is Stas. Sajin is my last name. So you can call me Stas. If you decide to give me your password, I will change it and will block other users’ ability to post comments on this blog. If you decide that you would like to get back into blogging, I will give you your password back only if you will come up with substantial arguments explaining why you changed your mind.

  4. my dearest…it saddens me to hear that you want to shut down your blog. While I haven’t been a consistent reader I do know that I have a been “character” that has appeared frequently in your posts. (to your readers: most of what he says about me is not true! well, ok…I am a video artist who has dabbled in African rituals and enjoys having a little tobacco and vino to finish off the day….BUT, all that other stuff was purely an exaggeration!:-)

    In the last two years since you started the blog I have seen you blossom both as a writer and as a man. The dedication with which you have employed towards this project has shown me the dedication you have to your craft and to your readers as well. And I love seeing how excited you get when someone leaves a comment saying how much your blog has inspired them in their lives….that truly is priceless!

    So, WTF?! do we all need to get down on our virtual knees and beg?

    Viva Absurdistry!!!
    your (loca) wife.

    1. No, please do not beg. Nice to see you around this neck of the woods- did not know you knew where to find me. Thanks for your comments and observations and I am open to talking more about this with you over a bottle of strong red wine. Love you too.

  5. I understand your reasons for shutting down FB and I hope you can go back to living without it and find more time to do what is most important to you. But I love, love, love to read your blog, I know I couldn’t remember the title of the article I read when I was in California, but don’t take it personal – I typically can’t remember what I ate the day before, so…
    I cannot believe you’re shutting down the blog too! I thought “ok, he will shut down FB but then I can read the blog and stay connected and read his deepest thoughts” – which, btw, I appreciate very much, they’re so candid, straight-forward and clever! This is NOT a happy day! Can you pour me a glass of that strong red too, please???

  6. Okay, I find this blog because you found my blog and it’s a wonderful example of artistic growth and then you are gone. Either way, moderation is something you learn, not by avoiding, but rather by disciplining yourself. Anything else is gluttony or starvation and not healthy. Do what is best for you, but I’ll keep popping in just on the off chance you’ve ‘become moderate’ 🙂

  7. I am starting to reconsider shutting down this blog. I am realizing how much I enjoy writing on it and I might suffer from a lingering sadness if I had to live without it. Initially, I watched this documentary: which made me want to terminate my life on-line. I also figured that if I spent less time composing this blog then I would have more time to write the novels I dream of giving birth to. But the more that I think about it the more that I realize that deleting my blog may be too radical of an act for me to commit at this point in time. Fuck it- I have always believed that if one person out there enjoys the things that I write then I am lucky man.

  8. Oh No!! ok, wait, I am done being selfish.. Go ahead and delete this place and do what you need to do. Theres much more to life than a blog. As much as I enjoy reading your thoughts, I know there is a reality we cant escape..So here I am wishing you Success in Your Endeavour. May you be the Best you can BE and may it bring you Joy. Thank you for the short yet sweet journey I had reading you. You do have the email so feel free to send me one when you feel like it. Take care of yourself. Walk with Head Held High. :).

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