A Brief Update

I have received many kind and concerned emails and letters from readers of this strange blog asking where I have been, if I am all right and why I have not been writing new blog entries. I appreciate all of your concerns and I assure you that I am more than well. I am so well that I have little to write about at the moment and to be terribly honest I have not written in a many weeks because Spring has just sprung and there is not much more that I want to do other than sit in the grass, smell the flowers and listen to the birds sing. I also adopted a new dog recently who has been cuddling with me in the grass and causing me to say words like “sit” and “stay” much more than I ever thought I would. I assure you that once I adapt to Spring and have consumed all the sun, sounds and smells that my senses can handle- I will return to my desk where I will continue to compose my absurd confessional tales of self deprecation and the strange happenings that occur on this journey that I often refer to as “my life.”


  1. Yay!

    Well, I’m glad you’re okay and I’m glad you’ve found happiness (spring, a new dog, et al.).

    Will also be waiting with eager anticipation 🙂 Take care of yourself.

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