Defrosting My Wife

I came home last night and found my wife frozen in the backyard. She was lying on her back, lifeless, with one arm in the air. It looked like she was reaching for something. At first I was not really certain what was going on. My brain was unable to make sense of what I was seeing. In a state of denial, I asked my wife why she was laying down on the wet, cold earth. As I walked closer to her I realized that all the color had drained from her skin. Her eyes were open but nothing on her body seemed to move. Standing over her I said, “Honey?” and I gave her a little nudge with my foot. She did not respond. I then reached out for her arm, which was stretching towards the sky. I was wearing gloves so I could not feel how cold her hand was but I did notice that her arms and hands were completely stiff- as if hardened into place by rigor mortis. It was at that point that I realized something was really wrong.

“Honey!” “Honey!” I shouted as I bent down beside her. I could feel the cold earth on my kneecaps. I put my hands on her chest. I could feel her slow breathing but I could not feel a heartbeat. I then placed my ear up against her heart and my ear felt like I had just pressed a piece of ice against it. My ear began to freeze as I searched for her heartbeat. Finally I found it and with a great sigh of relief, I took off my gloves and ran my hands over her face. There was a thin sheet of ice that covered almost her entire body. I took off the frozen glasses that she was wearing and when I patted her face a few times to try and get her to react, the sheet of ice that covered her cheeks, cracked. “Honey!” I kept yelling in an attempt to get her to wake up. I sat beside her for a second or two trying to figure out what to do. I looked into her eyes, which stared up into the dark and murky winter sky above. Her pupils were dilated. It was at this point that I realized my wife was frozen.

In a panic I began to shake all of her limbs. I took her arm that was pointing towards the sky and moved it back and forth. I shook her other arm, her legs and when I did so I could hear the delicate cracking of ice. It sounded like the separation of polar ice caps. My intention was to break the sheet of ice that entrapped her. I wanted to get her limbs moving so that blood could begin to flow into the frozen parts. While I was shaking her limbs I kept saying over and over, “can you hear me? Can you hear me? Come on wake up. Wake up!” I took off her shoes and moved her feet around in my hands in the same way that someone would rub a stick when trying to make fire. And then the miracle occurred. My wife very gradually moved her eyes and face towards me and said, “honey?”

“I’m here baby, I’m here,” I said as I scooped up her frozen body in my arms and carried her into the house. I set my wife down on the couch as she continued to say “honey?” over and over again. She was disorientated and the only word she was capable of saying was “honey.” Once I had her on the couch I grabbed all the blankets off of the bed and I placed them on top of her. “You are going to be okay baby, your going to be fine, you just need to get warm.” I turned on the heat, and boiled some water in the kettle on the stove. I then kneeled back down beside my wife, took her still frozen hands in mine and massaged them. I kissed her ice-cold face, trying to warm her skin with my lips. I whispered into my wife’s ear that I was going to take care of her and there was no need for her to worry. There was a slow pulse on my wife’s face and in her hands, which I knew meant that blood was beginning to flow back into these areas. I then got up and took the boiling water off the stove.

As my wife was defrosting on the couch, I was amazed by how well I was responding to this very scary and strange situation. I wondered how it was that my wife ended up frozen in our backyard? I poured the boiling water over several dishrags. I then let the dishrags cool down a bit before I placed them on my wife’s forehead, chest, hands, feet, legs and stomach. I knew to do this because I had remembered reading somewhere that it was best to do anything to warm up the body of a person who was suffering hypothermia- hot towels and heating pads were recommended for this purpose. As I was placing that hot rags over my wife’s body she seemed to be gradually thawing out. Her vocabulary increased from one word to many. “What happened to me?” she would continually ask. All I could tell her was that I cam home and found her lying on the ground, frozen in our backyard. She was able to reach out for my hand. I could feel the life being reborn within her. As the minutes passed by, her speech sounded like it was coming from a mind that was no longer frozen.

After awhile of kneeling by my wife’s side and waiting for the hot rags, the heater, the blankets and my own massaging hands to defrost my wife- I was very relieved to hear her say that she needed to go to the bathroom. “Are you sure you want to get up just yet?” I asked. “I’m fine honey, I feel much better now. I just really need to pee.” “Ok,” I said and then told her that I was going to make a large pot of hot vegetable stew for dinner. “Sounds good,” my wife replied as she attempted to make a half smile and slowly lifted her self off the couch. She made a few pain filled grunts as I helped her get up onto her feet. She stood up slowly, like someone who was getting on his or her feet for the first time after surgery. I held onto her arm and gave her support as she very slowly put one foot in front of the other. It seemed as if she had bricks in her legs. Every step was very hard for her and I told her to take her time. “It feels like my legs are asleep,” she said. “It is ok, that is just the feeling of blood rushing back into your legs.”

Gradually my wife’s legs loosened and became stronger. She did not need to lean on me for support and was able to walk into the bathroom on her own. “Yell for me if you need anything,” I said as my wife shut the bathroom door. I could hear her put down the toilet seat and then I heard the torrential flow of urine into the toilet. I wanted to give my wife privacy so I walked back over to the couch and cleaned up the heap of rags that were all over the couch and floor. I noticed that the couch and blankets were soaking wet. The pillows on the couch were like a very wet sponge. I was surprised at first. Why was the couch soaked in so much water? I gathered up the rags and put them in the kitchen. It was then that I realized that the couch was soaked because my wife had defrosted there. As the ice melted away from her body it turned into puddles of water, which were now being absorbed by the couch cushions. I heard the toilet flush so I went back over to the bathroom door where my wife appeared. “How are you feeling honey?” I asked. “Cold,” she said. She shivered and still seemed weak, so I told her that she should get into our bed. She agreed. Slowly I helped her into bed. I took some blankets out of the hallway closet and covered her body and neck in them. I kissed her forehead as she looked at me with a smile on her face. “You are my hero, you know?” she said to me. “I’m no hero,” I said. “I am just glad I came home at the right time.” “Me too,” my wife said and then she shut her eyes. I kissed her again on the forehead. I felt so grateful that she was alive. “Get some rest, when you wake up I will have a hot bowl of soup waiting for you,” I said and then I left her alone.


  1. I now WTF right? Crazy situation. My wife has a tendency to get dizzy spells (vertigo) and she passed out in our backyard on one of the coldest days of the year. All is well now….she is defrosted and back to her thriving self:)

  2. I guess this makes you a hero and I’ll tell you that: in my humble oppinion, you just went into “better than any Eddie Vedder on the planet” stage. I read your blog with as much interest as I listen to Eddie singing and there might be many people like me. (sorry for bad english – I’m just a Romanian who never took english classes 🙂

  3. Better than Eddie Vedder stage! Wow- I think that is one of the nicest, more humbling things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you and as far as I am concerned your English could not be more perfect:)

  4. …Wow. I.. don’t know if I have any words after reading that. Thanks for sharing, as usual.

    It was recently been acknowledged to me that I saved someone’s life and I don’t yet have the words to respond to them. I’m.. in (pleasant) shock. Has it hit you yet? Do you have the words?

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