A Brief Philosophy of the Lone Ant

This morning I was watching hundreds of ants marching in line. Their organization and conformity reminded me of humans. Then there was this one ant that strayed off the path. He wondered around on his own in a kind of confused daze. It was obvious that he was tired of following the pack and wanted to go off on his own- but he was not quite sure where to go. For a moment my attention drifted to something that was going on outside my window. I stood up and accidentally stepped on the lone ant. As I looked down at the squished ant all I could think was “so this is how it goes.”


  1. Perhaps if the ant had gotten enough rest, perhaps asked a few of his ant-buddies to help him out, even blogged about the way he felt to release some of that pent up emotion, he may have been energized enough to follow his pack – heck even lead it. As such, it seems he may have been his own worse enemy… keeping it all bottled up, loosing interest in the important things like his friends and family, and as such, he waned and wondered… and got squished. The universe has a funny way of balancing itself out, and waking us up with a quick kick up the arse. Though, unfortunately, this ant was kicked a bit too hard – oh well, he’ll get another chance when he comes back as the kid who will grow up to me a man, who will give us a ticket, or cancel our favourite TV show.

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