Warning: Lead Poisoning or the Man who Chewed Plastic (From the Archives)


2 I have always been curious why my mind and body have had such a difficult time getting along. The other week I was over at my parent’s house. My mother noticed that I was chewing on a white Bic plastic pen and she said, “You always have loved chewing on plastic.”  I thought nothing of it and continued to masticate my pen. Then, yesterday I heard a report on the radio that was talking about the massive amounts of lead that are in children’s toys made of plastic. I added two and two together in my obsessive compulsive mind and decided to research whether or not there is lead in plastic Bic pens. Of course what I found out horrified me. I decided to call my mother and ask her for how long I have been interested in sticking plastic objects into my mouth. “You had a plastic pacifier and were always sticking your plastic toys in your mouth. When I or your father would take them away- you would go into terrible convulsions of tears,” she replied. I became very concerned that I have been chewing on plastic for my entire life (I am perpetually chewing on Bic pens and have done so since I quit smoking ten years ago) and decided to do research on the health effects of chewing on plastic.

Lead poisoning is the leading health risk associated with chewing on plastic. There are major crusades right now waged by various health and environmental organizations to get lead out of the plastic that manufactures are using to make children’s toys. The health symptoms of lead poisoning for children are:

Various neurological and behavioral problems.
Organ damage
Blood toxicity

This was not good news for me. I researched more trying to investigate what the ramifications could be for an adult who has been chewing on plastic for years. I searched all over the Internet coming up with various symptoms of lead poisoning- but I wanted to know what the health effects on a grown man who chewed on plastic his entire life could be. Then after a few days of searching I found just the information I was looking for.

The information I found is from “A Homeopaths Guide To Detecting And Treating Disease.” I managed to find this book on accident while perusing the health section of a bookstore. In the book there is a page devoted to describing the long-term health effects of chewing on plastic made with lead. The symptoms of lead poisoning from long term exposure to chewing on plastic are:

Neurological disorders: morbid proclivities, perpetual thoughts of impending doom, depression and panic disorder.

Behavioral problems: ADD, Autism, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Agoraphobia, Addictive Personality Disorder.

Physiological Symptoms: respiratory infections and lung disease, heart ailments, kidney flatulence, liver turpitude and poor circulation (to name a few).

I read these symptoms in disbelief. I could see my hands shivering. It was as if I had just figured out the riddle that had confused my entire life. Each day, always wondering about what is wrong with me has driven me to the brink of insanity and now- I had the answer to all of my health “challenges,” a code by which to understand what is wrong with me. I bought the book and returned home to read and re-read the section on lead poisoning. I did some more research on the Internet and found more information about my condition. Adults who chew on plastic made with lead are also susceptible to ulcers, low ambition, delusions, hysteria and paranoia. It is I; all these symptoms are describing……..me.

I am uncertain about what I am going to do to get rid of the lead poisoning that has turned my life into torment. I have a few ideas. For now, just knowing what I am being affected or infecting by is providing me with relief. The book that I bought has provided me with certain herbs that I can take that will help rid my system of some of the lead that is within me- but for the most part the after affects of lead poisoning are chronic and difficult to recover from. I am accepting myself as I am.

I have however gotten more active in joining campaigns to stop manufacturers from making toys and plastic pens with lead. There are numerous other sustainable materials that could be used to save a young child from ending up like a demented and paranoid person such as myself. One of the greatest joys of childhood is sticking plastic toys into your mouth and I would hate to see childhoods greatest pleasure remain its greatest risk. So today I have contributed a small amount of money to assist an environmental campaign in fighting their anti-lead crusade. I hope that my attempts to safeguard the youth of tomorrow will be good enough karma to change the destiny of man who has been chewing on plastic all his life .


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