Resurrecting a Withered Blog

I am lying in bed about to fall asleep- but as usual, I had a thought. I was thinking about this blog and realized that I do not tend to it much anymore. Like a vegetable garden I have left it untended to, destined to wither and dry up. The majority of my readers have probably disappeared, disappointed with my poor attendance. I understand this fate and hope that some of my readers make their way back to this withered garden once I tend to it again.

I have been going through a divorce and a slew of other life events that have made literary articulation uneasy. Writing has been something that I have avoided for some months now. But as I lay here in bed looking over my withered and downtrodden garden I am feeling the hint of a desire to tend to it again. There are many stories I want to share such as my recent love affair with a pool sweep and my month spent in complete solitude with nothing but Facebook for company. I hope once I have done the work of resurrecting this blog you and I will find the same pleasure in it we once did years ago.


  1. Randal,
    I’ve been a faithful reader for many years, and I never expected that you should labor on your stories solely for us.

    If it is not impolite to ask, what happened between you and your wife?

    1. Sajins…. glad to see you here. It’s been awhile. It is true…I suppose I write as a kind of exhalation with no goal in mind. If I wrote for others I may not say half the things that I do. Thanks for continuing to support my process….

    2. Sajins- I suppose the subject of my divorce will be making its way into most of what I write for a time to come. So I wont bore you with the details here. Lets just say it was a combination of growing apart, a build up of rust, anger and resentment, infidelity and so much love that the best thing to do was to let the other go.

  2. Dear Randall, Life and blogs have an ebb and flow for the demands of our attention. It sounds as though your blog had to be low on the priority list for a while, but given the assumedly painful challenges you’ve faced I do hope you will begin writing again, for yourself, and will find healing in the process. If sharing your writings here is possible, all the better for us, as I’m sure your wit, humor, and honesty will help us see ourselves better as well. Thinking of your, and sending thoughts of peace and wellness.

    1. You are sweet Karin….thank you for continuing to support and read my work. I appreciate the thoughts of peace and wellness. Have you ever read a book by Tom Robbins called “Still Life With Woodpecker?” I’m reading it for the first time and enjoying Robbins sensibility very much. He is such a wise nut:)

      1. Yes, I have read it – he’s been one of my favorite authors over the years! I just finished Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen, which I have a feeling you might appreciate, too.

  3. I too have been reading this blog for years and it’s a kind of literary refuge for me. Even when you don’t post for awhile there is soooooo much good material on this blog (I hate to call it a blog cause it’s more like an epic book) that I read something new whenever I need a dose. I’m glad though to hear that you will return with new material to fill my often wayward soul. Sorry to hear about your tough times but I’m sure you know what they say about suffering and good art…..

  4. An epic book- if only I could put it upon my shelf:) Thanks for the kind words. From a once wayward soul to another- I’m glad I can provide some fuel for your soul.

  5. Hello, well, even though I’m quite new to you, I’ve really enjoyed your words. They have made me laugh. I’m looking forward to some more. And without sounding too self -helpy, I do think writing is a sort of therapy, that it helps when life feels hard or dark.
    ( and I think you have something of the Tom Robbins about you yourself- well, your words do ).

  6. You do not sound self helpy at all Isabelle. What you say I think is a truth that I have found out about through years of dark. And thanks for the kind words about me and Mr. Robbins:) I’m glad that I have been able to add a laugh or two to your life. That makes me happy.

  7. Hi,

    I´m Lisa from Sweden and I´m still here. I get your blog posts to my email. I´m so sorry that you´re going through divorce. Hopefully you can get some peace and healing and joy through writing. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing, but it´s never too late to take care of that beautiful garden! Wish you the best! I love your writing. Take care. Maybe you don´t listen to Pearl Jam anymore, but I heard yesterday that they are recording a new album right now…and Eddie Vedder will release his ukulele songs soon…hehe!

    Swedish hugs.

  8. Lisa! Glad your still here. I’m envious though that you get to be in Sweden. Maybe some day we can trade places:) And yes…. i will look forward to hearing Mr Vedder’s ukulele songs.

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