A Note To My Readers

I know that I have not written regularly in quite some time. I wanted to let my readers know (all two or three of you) that I will be making more of an effort to write regularly while I can. At the moment I have nothing but time- I have finished graduate school, am living rent free and am in between jobs. Other than my love of doing nothing, I should have no excuse but to write more often. Sure there is a part of me that tries to convince the other part of me that I should no longer sell my soul for free but that other part of me needs to stand strong and remember what I used to say as a young writer: “It is not about the money. I don’t write for money. If I can write and have a beneficial effect upon one reader than it is all worth it.” I am now trying to keep the older writer with more bills and more status anxiety from infecting the idealism of the younger writer. To be continued….