About Randall Sokoloff

RANDALL SOKOLOFF is not one of the world’s best known writers, artists, playwrights and essayists. His works are not performed or published anywhere. His early works such as I Swallowed My Wedding Ring and The Sex Life Of A Man Without One went practically unnoticed by the outside world. His current fictions and drawings continue to carry on this fate, thus giving him the status of one of the greatest living outsider artists and writers. Mr. Sokoloff’s works includes volumes of short stories, confessional essays, unpublished novels, drawings, illustrated stories and plays, many of which can be read on this blog. Mr. Sokoloff has been posting his writings on Absurdistry since 2007 and is still waiting for the world to take notice. He is not a member of the l’Academia francaise but he is a homeowner living in the suburbs of Los Angeles.


    1. Hi there,
      My name is Danielle Weekes and I work with World Have Your Say at the BBC World Service. We are working on a programme for this evening all about Facebook – the question is: Has Facebook changed your life. I spotted your recent blog post on the subject and wanted to see whether you would be interested in taking part in the show. If that’s the case, drop me a line in the next few hours at danielle.weekes@bbc.co.uk.

  1. Currently I am unemployed. I have saved enough money that I am fortunate to not have to work. I spend my days writing, painting, cleaning the house and worrying about death. For a long while I taught high school English and am now looking for work once again as a Teacher. So I am in what Dante called- Limbo, neither here nor there, or what Buddhists call samsara, a place of suffering because of the fear of being no place at all. If I was perfectly content and fearless being no place at all- this would be called Enlightenment.
    Thank you for all your clever comments…..
    Let me know if you have other questions that I may have the fun of answering…..

  2. Still trying to figure out who I am. Long hours spent writing this blog have helped to rip away many unconscious layers…but I am still searching.

  3. I love Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, especially the “Inferno.”I like your clever little bits of spiritual wisdom. They sound beautiful and honest. Good luck finding your way. ^_^

  4. Sorry, I’m on a bit of an extending-my-stay visit. Just to say, unless you enjoy it, but I’m guessing not, as you called it worrying, may I try to discourage worrying about death as maniacally as possible while just about remaining within the bounds of the law? I’ve got a feeling I gave a good dollop of time over to worrying about death and then somehow I made it stop. Or made myself stop. Told myself I wouldn’t worry about it any more. And I mostly don’t. Though I do still, a bit. Which is not to say I’m not a fuck-up, because I am, but a better fuck-up than I was when I worried too much about death.

    I’m liking your writing a lot.

  5. by the way, i love the picture of you here. you look like you just got busted doing something… sheepish, but in a ‘oh f***ing well’ way… ha!

  6. Hello, you’ve got a great blog. I noticed you commented on a post of mine and I just wanted to say that it made me laugh. Thanks a lot for taking the time 🙂

  7. This is a very insightful weblog Randall.

    I do look forward to reading more of your thoughts as they make themselves known to you.

    Happy blogging to you friend.

  8. Randall can write. Keep it up. I can see that (it should be) very cathartic for you. I hope so.

  9. The more of your work I read the smaller and less sugnifigant my work becomes. It does not compare to the wording that you and your friends use. Being 15 I understand that I have a long way to go and can achieve this level of speaking but for now I am completly blown away.

    1. You’re only 15. Just read a lot, and eventually you’ll end up with a postmodern pastiche of your favourite writers combined.

  10. “Growing up in a wealthy family he saw first hand how money does not make you happy (although he is starting to reconsider this conclusion). ”

    Oh, man, I had to learn that the hard way.

    Too funny.

  11. I like your writings..especially your honesty and dry sense of humor…two things high on my list!

    You know money does not cause the unhappiness. You can be just as happy or unhappy rich or poor. I prefer to happy and not poor (been there; not a pleasant experience). 🙂

    Keep writing…all will unfold as it should. I’ll be back.

  12. hi Randall,

    i’ve been reading your blog for months via greader,and i admire you,but sometimes you emphasize your age too much,which makes me feel you think you’re old,i hope you forget all about you’re 37,and keep going like you’re young enough to do exciting things.
    btw,i’m from China,where wordpress.com is banned by great firewall,something like censorship of net,so it’s very inconvenient to
    leave a comment,but i’ll keep reading

  13. The damn Chinese government. They are so afraid and repressive. I would not be surprised if they banned a bird from flying.

    Thank you for your comment. It is true that I often think of myself of older than my years. I suppose it has to do with the way I feel- but you are right, I need to remember that I am young enough to do exciting things. This is a challenge for a man like myself who is so used to feeling old. Now that I teach high school, I am told every day by 15 year olds just how old I am. Self fulfilling prophecy.

    1. I teach kids of varying ages and nationalities and they find it very hard (some of them) to understand how something as ancient and obviously prehistoric as me(I resemble a mammoth) is actually still alive. Some are very kind and actually enjoy hanging out with me.
      I did tell one rather special class that we actually have an internal age we are born with and retain for life despite what the calender says. Mine’s about 19.
      I’m surprised you don’t get students hitting on you, though; you have a lovely face.

  14. reading your blog has become something like an addiction…
    at first i only read the most recent posts… and found myself checking frequently for new ones… then I began to delve into past postings. though time consuming, i find it difficult to stop.
    I liken it to times when i was young, flipping though channels on the television and landing on “Unsolved Mysteries” I knew what i was watching was going to scare me, i would change the channel but then change back and continue to watch more…
    I can’t stop reading, it’s not like they are going to disappear, i can pace myself and read a few here and there… but i have yet to read one that has not piqued my interest.
    I am really glad to have found your blog.

  15. I am very flattered by your comment. Sometimes I wonder why I put in the mind lifting effort to maintain this blog. I feel like I should be spending more time cultivating a book or doing something “economically” useful. I also wonder if anyone cares for what I have to say anyways. However, when I read a comment such as this one it makes me feel like a bird or plane that has strayed of course getting pointed back in the right direction. It makes it all worth the while. Thank you for the needed motivation to continue to write.

    1. It is strange to me that we lead such different lives yet our minds seem to wander in much the same way.

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  17. Randall, you are welcome.
    Since I wrote about the teaching, you might be amused to hear the last week of teaching has been like pulling teeth: 11/12 year old French kids, elementary level English, not something I like teaching. But, when I banged my knee on a desk, the same reaction: they all watched and waited for me to swear.
    I did have a nice surprise when they did their feedback forms: one put, She is perfect about me. I walked on air for a while, till I walked into another desk. And swore internally again.

  18. Hi Randall – I’m just letting you know (as I don’t have your email) if you don’t know already, that our friend Paul Squires died last week. Sorry to let you know in a comments box. Everyone is blogging about him. I have: http://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com/2010/07/30/poet-and-friend-paul-squires-rip/ but so have many in his blogosphere and many have also commented on his last blog post. I know how close you were to him and vice versa.

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  20. There is no work like creative work. In fact, there is no work involved. It is sheer pleasure to write, draw, paint, play music or just blog. Never, ever stop.
    My best.

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