The Greatest Review This Blog Has Ever Received

“Everything feels better when I do this. When I take the time to read this blog, to engage in the act of going beyond the ordinary. That is what I am doing here. It is my exercise in sanity through insanity. Here you will find a re-examination of everything from nose hairs, stop signs, lemon trees, hookers stuck in trees, pot smoking, vaginas, modern-day living and the constraints that are placed upon those with a fully functioning body and mind. While reading and thinking and reading and thinking and reading and thinking and reading and thinking you will be perambulating around in am absurd world. In this world you may find women who are obsessed with their nipples, husbands who accidentally swallow their wedding rings, penis’s that are incredibly unsettled, a man who is always searching for the sublime or whatever. Ultimately you will see that everything expressed on this darn blog (which, may just be one of the better blogs of its time despite the plethora of grammar errors and the lack of followers) comes from a human mind that is using writing to undermine an entire American capitalist ideology while simultaneously attempting to free himself from an ordinary and unhappy American life. Thank you Randall. Carry on….”

-Paul Squires

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