The Complainer (Post #411)

“We made the world we’re living in and we have to make it over.” -James Baldwin

I don’t want to write today/I just don’t want to do it/Writing does not feel like fun/Instead it feels like drudgery/And after all who wants to put themselves through drudgery if no one is forcing them to do it?

I don’t want to write today/I just don’t want to do it/So I am not going to/Sometimes writing is such a burden/No pleasure at all/Writing/Editing/Editing/Writing/Editing/Writing/Editing/Who in their right mind would want to be a writer?

I don’t want to write today/I would rather listen to music/I would rather finish the book I am reading/I would rather eat and nap/I would rather walk around or go fishing/I would rather leave the world alone to be exactly what it is today/I don’t want to write.

I don’t want to write today/No one cares if you write or you do not write, a writer once told me/I did not believe him/Just stop writing for a few months and see if anyone says anything, he said/I stopped writing/No one said anything.

I don’t want to write today/James Baldwin believed that the writer’s purpose is to describe things that everyone else is too busy to describe/Maybe so, but I don’t want to do it today/It is a thankless job/A job that often lands the writer in more trouble than it is worth/People stay busy so that they can forget, this is the point of being busy/If the writer describes things that people would rather forget, the writer will not be liked/We live in dark ages/In dark ages, the more the writer tells the truth, the more the writer is not needed/I would rather leave the world alone today and maybe even tomorrow.

I really don’t want to write today/Anything but writing/Why do I keep wasting my time with writing?/Why do I write when I do not want to write?/Here I am writing about not wanting to write but I am writing!/This can’t be good/I can not even not write when I do not want to write/This must be a really bad habit/Maybe writing is a way to feel productive in life/Maybe writing is an attempt to construct a different kind of world/Maybe writing is how I protest an undesirable world that has been constructed by undesirable people/I really can’t say/I just need to leave the world alone today.

I don’t want to write today/I really do not want to write/I know that we made the world that we are living in but I do not want to be responsible for making it over today/I do not see the point/I don’t need to understand why I do not want to write/I just do not want to write/Leave everyone alone to not look at the things that they do not want to look at/Just leave them alone/Don’t write/So then, when are you going to stop?